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Heidi (Audio Book)

Heidi… such a charming girl, such sweet spirit. This classic story is well-loved by many and this audio production will make you fall in love with Heidi all over again after listening to it!

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Perfect Square

(Oops, we lost the book jacket)
Title: Perfect Square
Author: Michael Hall
Publisher : Green Willow Books
Age : 3 up

It’s been a while since we’ve had so much fun with a book. Perfect Square by Michael Hall is one of those books that provides an excellent opportunity for the reader to experience the story come alive by embarking on your very own art adventure.

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Read Aloud Bible Stories

Let me introduce to you a fabulous series a friend recommended to me some time ago. They are called the Read Aloud Bible Stories. Huge books with equally huge print and bold illustrations. We are loving it! 🙂

Publisher: Moody Publishers Ages: 2 up
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Ages: 2 up

A few people have told me the books completely ‘hooked’ their kids. They did so for mine too. Who knows your children might be absolutely enthralled by the books too! Their appeal must have something to do with the whole presentation – interesting, uncomplicated storyline with great choice of words for the young ones plus the splash of bold colours on every page. Somehow the author seems to know how to connect with a child’s mind in a special way.

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Love for God’s Word Part II

bible 5

We continue to do devotions at home with our ABC bible verse book. We look up those verses in our bible and highlight them. Then it occurred to me… why not start reading the bible itself with Sprinter? So I did, the previous week. For some reason, I was just drawn to the Book of Daniel (maybe because I just studied it in my bible class) so I decided this would be the first book I’d introduce my son to. I just had a good feeling about it… in fact I was just sharing with my friends yesterday morning that the Book of Daniel has ‘drama’ elements that hooks a reader… and there are only 12 chapters! (always a bonus:P)

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Little Pea, Little Hoot, Little Oink

Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal Ages: 3 up
Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Ages: 3 up

Sunshine’s current favourites are Little Pea and Little Hoot. There’s Little Oink too but strange it’s nowhere to be found… hmmm maybe I loaned it out to a friend…

I read this to Sunshine last night and it was so interesting to watch her expression/reaction as I was reading the story. I still recall the time when I first introduced this book to Sprinter (he was around Sunshine’s age too!)… and he was just giggling and giggling non-stop. He was SO tickled by the story. It turned out to be a laughter therapy for us haha.
But my little girl… she was intense during the read last night. So intense – she was absolutely captivated! The funny storyline didn’t tickle her… it baffled her and she was displaying intense amusement while trying very hard to make sense of it all. If you haven’t read the story… read on. I’ll tell you why.

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Make Way for Robert McCloskey II

mccloskey 6

Our post on McCloskey continues as we read his books again at home. Blueberries for Sal is another favourite of Sprinter’s from our McCloskey collection. It won a Caldecott award and this made Robert McCloskey the first ever two-time Caldecott Medal winner.

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Make Way for Robert McCloskey I

I love many of the books Robert McCloskey wrote/illustrated so it’s really exciting that we get to read his books again for our “Storytime with Author” time. There’s something special about his books… his illustrations are stunning and as true-to-life as they can be. The stories behind his stories are even more interesting too! I’ll share more below.

robert 1

Robert McCloskey’s books are a classic. For a man whose initial plans were only to make a living as an artist, McCloskey certainly surprised himself when he decided to try his hand at writing children’s book because his art career was a ‘bust’. His books today are some of the best loved children’s classics. His most enduring book is perhaps the famous Make Way For Ducklings, a Caldecott winner – an absolute favourite of mine. So here’s more on why our family love McCloskey and our thoughts on this book (in this post) and a few others we love (next post.)

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Love for God’s Word

love scripture

“There is no education more important than God’s education.”

I remember being surprised at myself as these words poured out of my mouth. I was responding to a friend as she talked about various class choices she had to make for her child. Those words may have been my advice to her but I knew He put those words in my heart. Those words were meant for me.

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Look back… Kevin Henkes

I promised an update on how our “storytime with author” went. 🙂 We enjoyed revisiting Kevin Henkes’ books. Sprinter seems to look forward to it everytime. He now knows the name by heart. He doesn’t know much about the author (and takes no interest haha) but he knows which books he wrote. 🙂

It seemed a pity to read, have fun and then let it go just like that if you know what I mean. So I googled and found some great ideas. We decided to borrow the ‘comparison chart’ idea and further our author time with Kevin Henkes.

henkes 18

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