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Books that embrace Individuality

20161216_075849Our little ones are unique. They know that and they embrace it without even being fully aware of it. But as the school-age years approaches, they become more socially involved and begin to see or are aware of people’s thoughts and wants. They start to feel a sense of belonging.

This need and want to be part of a group can be quite tricky. We want to be liked by the people around us and we want to fit into the puzzle. That’s fine. But at the same time it might do good if we as parents can assure them and help them learn to embrace differences and celebrate individuality. Continue reading “Books that embrace Individuality”

Christmas Storytime


There are so many Christmas books out there and here’s 8 of them that we are enjoying this season. Some are heartwarming, some are silly… either way they are great stories to keep your kids entertained all day! 🙂

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Toddler Storytime

This is for my friends with toddlers 🙂

We’ve put together some of our favourite books that hold special memories for us. We’ve read them, we’ve sang them, we’ve acted them out… these are books that get the most repeats and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Some are Sprinter’s favourites, some are Sunshine’s favourites… and a couple are everybody’s favourite. 🙂
We hope you’ll enjoy them as well and create a whole host of precious memories with your little ones 🙂20160912_130916 Continue reading “Toddler Storytime”

‘Transition’ Readers

We’ve been doing leveled readers for a while now and the next step would be to tackle easy chapter books. But I get really confused when I see recommendations for ‘early chapter readers’, ‘beginner chapter books’, ‘first chapter books’ etc. Popular titles under these categories are books such as Mercy Watson or The Magic Tree House series. Honestly, I feel the jump from readers to these early chapter books is a big one. I felt we needed a slower transition. So I began looking for what I’d call ‘transition books’.

Some kids are ready to move on from picture books and can plunge right into Nate The Great or Ivy and Bean. Some need a bit more time and confidence boost. How do you tell? I look at my child’s general reaction when I hand him a chapter book.

So here are the in-betweens we went for. In general, mini-chapter books (you know, the ones with short 4 or 5 chapters) that are fun and just about the right length so they don’t find it dreary.

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Summer Bingo!

We’re making our summer reading list and I am really looking forward to our summer plans this year because we’ll be away for quite a while and will be experiencing something new as a family. I’ve also planned something fun and different in store for Sprinter for his summer reads… to help him grow as an independent reader. Reading has always been ‘Mummy read alouds’ but now that he can tackle easy readers, why not assign some reading to him for a change? 😉

read cartoon

It’s really important that kids read when school is out so that they continue to build on their reading skills and prevent a ‘summer’ slide, especially for early readers like Sprinter. In my opinion, reading isn’t quite an effortless natural activity to them yet. Hence, they need to put their reading/coding-decoding of the alphabets/blending skills into practise… and it’s really important to make it into a fun and exciting challenge too! So we decided to go with a Summer Book Bingo challenge 🙂

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Heidi (Audio Book)

Heidi… such a charming girl, such sweet spirit. This classic story is well-loved by many and this audio production will make you fall in love with Heidi all over again after listening to it!

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Easter Stories

Wonderful stories to read as we are reminded of the true meaning of Easter.
Wonderful stories to read as we are reminded of the true meaning of Easter.

Kids are excited that Easter is around the corner! It’s time to get our bunnies, baskets and coloured eggs out to play, paint and hunt. (But let’s not forget the real meaning of Easter too!)

To that end I’d like to suggest a few books we’re reading as Easter approaches. Perhaps you may wish to read them too! Here are some of our Easter / egg-themed books we are reading 🙂

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Just What Do Those Awards Mean?



Have you ever wondered what these shiny seals on the book covers mean?

I find these award stickers helpful in selecting books over the countless others out in the market. Below are three well recognized labels… hope you find it helpful too 🙂

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Welcome to Storytime Anyday!

I believe in reading; in the magic of stories.

I believe in books and the power to connect, amuse, empower, inspire, provoke…

I believe every child should be encouraged to discover the wonders of books and explore the world through great stories.

I believe in Seuss, Carle, Lionni, McCloskey, Silverstein, Lewis, Alcott, Austen, Steinbeck, Tolkien (the list goes on…) 

I want to get good books, fun books, twaddle-free books into the hands of children who will love them.

Here begins our reading journey.

I love children’s books, so this site is all about the books my kids and I love. There are a lot of books out there – great books, good books and twaddle books. My kids and I will share books that we like and we think are worth taking time to introduce you to, or remind you of. I personally love classics be they picture books or chapter books. In other words, books that are timeless and have been enjoyed for many generations. There is something in these ‘old’ stories that I seldom find in books today.

I’ve enjoyed carrying my book basket around (though heavy!) just as much as you have loved browsing and borrowing them. I’m hoping with this blog I can share and spread the love of books to even more friends. We never have enough time to go through all the books!

And this blog is not just for me to share. If you or your children would like to share (peer sharing is great!), please do. I’d be more than happy to include your recommendations in my posts.

Thank you for reading and letting me share my passion with you!

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