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‘Transition’ Readers

We’ve been doing leveled readers for a while now and the next step would be to tackle easy chapter books. But I get really confused when I see recommendations for ‘early chapter readers’, ‘beginner chapter books’, ‘first chapter books’ etc. Popular titles under these categories are books such as Mercy Watson or The Magic Tree House series. Honestly, I feel the jump from readers to these early chapter books is a big one. I felt we needed a slower transition. So I began looking for what I’d call ‘transition books’.

Some kids are ready to move on from picture books and can plunge right into Nate The Great or Ivy and Bean. Some need a bit more time and confidence boost. How do you tell? I look at my child’s general reaction when I hand him a chapter book.

So here are the in-betweens we went for. In general, mini-chapter books (you know, the ones with short 4 or 5 chapters) that are fun and just about the right length so they don’t find it dreary.

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Summer Bingo!

We’re making our summer reading list and I am really looking forward to our summer plans this year because we’ll be away for quite a while and will be experiencing something new as a family. I’ve also planned something fun and different in store for Sprinter for his summer reads… to help him grow as an independent reader. Reading has always been ‘Mummy read alouds’ but now that he can tackle easy readers, why not assign some reading to him for a change? 😉

read cartoon

It’s really important that kids read when school is out so that they continue to build on their reading skills and prevent a ‘summer’ slide, especially for early readers like Sprinter. In my opinion, reading isn’t quite an effortless natural activity to them yet. Hence, they need to put their reading/coding-decoding of the alphabets/blending skills into practise… and it’s really important to make it into a fun and exciting challenge too! So we decided to go with a Summer Book Bingo challenge 🙂

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Pondering Parenthood I

Tuesday morning…

Am sitting at a café I frequent and trying to get some work done for tomorrow. Yes, deadline is tomorrow and I need to focus and work fast.
Can’t help but notice two Grandpas sitting diagonally across… talking and chatting and reminiscing about life. This cafe is a quiet place so I can hear them talk. Nice folks, I think to myself. Seem to be in their 70s… judging from their attire, clearly retired business folks enjoying their free mornings. And there they are talking… much of their talk revolving around their growing up years AND their parents. What mum did… what his father was like….

I listen. I start thinking…

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[Q&A] Anna Kang, You are (Not) Small

Anna Kang received her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. “You Are (Not) Small” is her first children’s book. The following is a complete transcript of her interview with Cracking the Cover.

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My beautiful mother and a book called ‘You Are (Not) Small’

Publisher: Two Lions. Age: 2 – 6

I bought this book simply because it was written by Anna Kang. Nope, I had no idea who the author was at the time of purchase. Nope, I’ve never read any of her books. I bought it simply because my mother’s name is Anna Kang and my mother is a brilliant writer. Simply the best in my opinion.

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[Q&A] Leo Lionni



Leo Lionni wrote and illustrated more than 40 highly acclaimed children’s books. He received the 1984 American Institute of Graphic Arts Gold Medal and was a four-time Caldecott Honor Winner—for Inch by Inch, Frederick, Swimmy, and Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse. Leo Lionni died in October of 1999 at his home in Tuscany, Italy, at the age of 89.

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Stick and Stone

stick 1

  Title : Stick and Stone

 Author : Beth Ferry and Tom Lictenheld (illustrator)

 Publisher : HMH Books

  Age : 4 – 7


A perfect friendship book that rocks! Stick and Stone is a tale of friendship, loaded with emotion and adventure, cleverly told in perfect rhyme. I highly recommend this book. Kids will love it!

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Harry the Dirty Dog

harry the dog 3 Title: Harry the Dirty Dog

 Author: Gene Zion

 Publisher: HarperCollins

Age: Kindergarten – 2


Weather has been scorching hot in Singapore! Sometimes I step out of the house and I feellike I am suffocating.’Dog days of summer indeed’ I muttered out loud one day. My son’s response “Dog what Mummy? What did you say? It’s Thursday today, not Dog day.” Hahaha….  I explained.

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