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Read Aloud Bible Stories

Let me introduce to you a fabulous series a friend recommended to me some time ago. They are called the Read Aloud Bible Stories. Huge books with equally huge print and bold illustrations. We are¬†loving it! ūüôā

Publisher: Moody Publishers Ages: 2 up
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Ages: 2 up

A few people have told me the books completely ‘hooked’ their kids. They did so for mine too.¬†Who knows your children might be absolutely enthralled by the books too! Their appeal must have something to do with the whole presentation –¬†interesting, uncomplicated storyline with great choice of words for the¬†young ones plus the splash of bold colours on every page. Somehow the author seems to know how to connect with a child‚Äôs mind in a special way.

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Love for God’s Word Part II

bible 5

We¬†continue to do devotions at home with our ABC bible verse book. We look up those verses in our bible and highlight them. Then it¬†occurred to me… why not start reading the bible¬†itself with Sprinter? So I did,¬†the previous¬†week. For some reason, I was just drawn to the Book of Daniel (maybe because I just studied it in my¬†bible class)¬†so I decided this would be the first book I’d introduce my son to. I just had a good feeling about it…¬†in fact I was just sharing with my friends¬†yesterday¬†morning that the Book of Daniel has ‘drama’ elements¬†that hooks a reader… and there are only 12 chapters! (always a bonus:P)

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