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Boundaries with Kids

boundariesAuthor: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend

Publisher: Zondervan

224 pages


Finally, a post on a helpful parenting book.:)
This book makes it to my top five list… practical with good advice dished out in clear, simple terms. A group of my mummy friends are reading this book together and we are all finding it very helpful!

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Read and Reflect

Read and Reflect. I decided to add this category since I read a lot of parenting books. Some helpful, some not. Of course, all very subjective… anyway I thought I’d share quick thoughts on some of the good books I’ve read. (note: good. I’d rather recommend those that helped me than write about those that didn’t. Again, you see it can be very subjective…) This category won’t be updated as often as the above obviously… only when I have ‘spare’ time.


Boundaries with Kids

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