Do you have a story or two your parents shared with you or wise advice they gave you that stuck with you through the years? I know a number of stories and phrases I’ve heard them say which still ring in my ears and those lessons have been very powerful in shaping my values and perspective in my growing years.

I know I’ll be teaching my children many many things, giving countless advices and sharing loads of wisdom over their lifetime, but if there’s one that I hope they will retain and hold on to is having a growth-oriented view aka growth mindset. I never knew this term ‘growth mindset’ until I ‘met’ Carol Dweck but now I can put a name to this mindset/thinking/perspective that my dear mother has always been preaching. Yes, it is one of those lessons deeply impressed onto my heart which proved to be very helpful and useful over the years.

One easy way to encourage growth mindset is through engaging, purposeful read-alouds.

Research shows that student’s beliefs about their abilities or intelligence play an important role in their school achievement and it gets carried over to their adult lives too. And parents can play a very influential role in the development of these beliefs.

There are two types of mindsets – Fixed Mindset and Growth mindset.
Fixed mindset basically states students believe they’re born with a fixed amount of intelligence and hence when faced with difficulty or challenges, they lose faith and confidence in themselves and are prone to avoid or give up.
Growth mindset allows students to believe their intellectual abilities can grow. This encourages patience and perseverence and they tend to focus on the process of growth and their limitless potential.

Here are some of our favourite read-alouds when teaching and reinforcing a growth mindset in our kids. I’ve written quick one-liners on each of the book for a general gist of the story. Hope you find a few that your children will enjoy!

  1. The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes : Beatrice never makes a mistake until one day when she almost does and fear of making a mistake grips her from then on.
  2. My Fantastic Elastic Brain : This book teaches children about their brains and the different functions and how they have the ability to stretch and grow their own brains.
  3. Beautiful OOPS! : Don’t fret! See how mistakes can turn into beautiful artwork if only we choose to see beyond the mess!
  4. Three Little Words : No matter what obstacles you face, have faith, have hope, just keep swimming and you’ll find your way.
  5. The Little Engine That Could : The growth mindset view creates perseverance and resilience and that’s exactly what our Little Engine demonstrates beautifully!
  6. Giraffes Can’t Dance: Gerald the Giraffe shows us the power of yet and what you achieve when you just believe.
  7. Bubble Gum Brain : My son loves how the book uses the characteristics of bubble gum to explain growth mindset! Becoming is better than being!
  8. Flight School : See how this penguin chooses growth mindset over a fixed mindset and makes his dream come true.
  9. The Curious Garden : Liam works bit by bit, putting in in his best effort to grow plants in a miserable industrial city… you never know what you can achieve!