Ms Sunshine has just begun to read. She has been learning phonics and blending for more than a year now and something clicked in her one sudden sunny summer day…  everything just came together! She started to read her readers pretty fluently!

While we pick up a reader to practise her reading from time to time, I decided to ‘promote’ her to chapter books for our reading time as well. So when we were in the states recently, we popped by Barnes and Nobles and bought our first chapter book ‘Ivy and Bean’ :). She was excited and couldn’t wait to get started when we are back in Singapore.

One morning, back on our sunny island, we took out the book for our together reads. I was just as excited as she was. I read and read and read. She listened and listened… not a word from her. I read five chapters in one sitting and I was getting a little tired. So I stopped and suggested we read another day. No comments from her.

Finding and choosing the right books for your child.

Little did I realize she was not enjoying the book at all. A few days later, when I suggested we pick up from where we left off, she reacted very strongly saying, ‘NO!’ hahaha. It caught me by surprise… but came as a relief as well hahah because I wasn’t really enjoying the book either!

Anyway, since then we have swapped the book for Mercy Watson. Our reading time is fun all over again and we enjoy our reads. I am reminded book choices are important and different books will appeal to different kids and at different age levels. Perhaps we can try Ivy and Bean again in a year or two when girlfriend relationships matter more to her at that age.

Mercy Watson was never a hit with her brother, but it is with her. It’s a really fun, well-illustrated chapter book for young ones. I’d highly recommend this book for early readers… those who are just getting comfortable with reading. I am currently reading the book to Sunshine as the word load is a little too much, but keeping fingers crossed that soon she will be reading the series on her own. 🙂