There are so many Christmas books out there and here’s 8 of them that we are enjoying this season. Some are heartwarming, some are silly… either way they are great stories to keep your kids entertained all day! 🙂


  1. The Sparkle Box

    Christmas is not just about the parties, presents and fun… of course we understand there’s deeper meaning and significance to this beautiful celebration. But do the kids understand that?
    This book is a great start if you want them to think beyond the fun. A simple book with a heartwarming message. Sam finds a sparkly box 
    above the fireplace one day and is eager to open it. But his mum tells him that he can only open after it is being filled. He will need to wait till Christmas, and till then Sam looks at the box curiously every day. Throughout the story, you see the family performing various acts of kindness. Finally Christmas is here and Sam opens the beautiful sparkle box. Inside the box are slips of paper detailing the kind acts that the family has performed and his mother explains “these are our gifts to Jesus.” Yes… God delights in our gifts to Him too. Let’s think about our offerings of acts of love this Christmas.

  2. Wild Christmas Reindeer

    Jan Brett”s books are always engaging and she has her own unique style of illustration that catches your eye. And what I’ve always enjoyed is how she will have her main story with smaller stories on the side panels of the book telling the same story with a different focus or perspective.
    Santa Claus has asked Teeka to get his reindeer ready to fly. Feeling the weight of this task, Teeka gets to work but she is hard, demanding and unsympathetic to the reindeer. Things are not working out too tell but she realizes that the reindeer need to be cared for and treated with love and kindness. Teeka learns from her mistake and turns around… see how love and kindness can make a huge difference to those around you.

  3. The Story of Holly and Ivy

    Believe in the magic of the Christmas season. Ivy is an orphan who yearns for a home. Holly is a doll who wants to belong to a little girl. Mrs Jones feels Christmas should be spent with children. See how wishes can come true in magical ways and everyone gets the perfect gift.

  4. The Night before Christmas

    A classic Christmas poem that has enchanted generations. It’s always a delight to revisit this book. A great family read aloud!

  5. Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree

    This is a fun book to read. Mr Willowby buys a Christmas tree and brings it home, only to realize it is too tall for his house.. So he gets the butler to cut off the top… who later gives it to the maid for her to use as her Christmas tree. She too finds it too tall and cuts off the top which the gardener takes home. The same scenario repeats itself with a bear, a fox, a rabbit… and finally a mouse taking part of Mr Willowby’s Christmas tree home.

  6. The Christmas Eve Tree

    This is a touching book. A small little unwanted tree at a mall finds itself a new owner in a small homeless boy who treats it with care and looks at it with adoration. The shopkeeper is kind enough to give it away and the boy takes it wherever he goes, bringing hope to the tree and showering love by finding whatever decorations he can find to beautify it. Christmas comes and goes… and that is not the end of this tree. It is just a beginning… read it to find out how it ends.

  7. Apple Tree Christmas

    This book was out of print for a while (a shame when good books are discontinued) but now it’s back thanks to the publisher.
    Katrina loves to sit on a particular branch of this apple tree and it’s a special place where she sits, sketches and dreams. But just before Christmas, the tree is damaged in an ice storm and Katrina’s special place is lost. Katrina can’t believe that the falled branches are now being used for firewood and she is devastated. It’s not turning out to be happy Christmas and it won’t be for a long time she thinks… until Papa does something unbelievable!

  8. A Christmas Carol

    A wonderful classic. I found this picture book at the bookstore and the illustrations caught my eye which was why it ended up in my book basket. This book is abridged, but is beautifully done with many of the lines from Dickens’ original. The length is not too long or too short and captures the essence of the story… it is as inspiring as ever. I highly recommend it for children of all ages.