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December 2016

Books that embrace Individuality

20161216_075849Our little ones are unique. They know that and they embrace it without even being fully aware of it. But as the school-age years approaches, they become more socially involved and begin to see or are aware of people’s thoughts and wants. They start to feel a sense of belonging.

This need and want to be part of a group can be quite tricky. We want to be liked by the people around us and we want to fit into the puzzle. That’s fine. But at the same time it might do good if we as parents can assure them and help them learn to embrace differences and celebrate individuality. Continue reading “Books that embrace Individuality”


Christmas Storytime


There are so many Christmas books out there and here’s 8 of them that we are enjoying this season. Some are heartwarming, some are silly… either way they are great stories to keep your kids entertained all day! 🙂

Continue reading “Christmas Storytime”

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