This is for my friends with toddlers 🙂

We’ve put together some of our favourite books that hold special memories for us. We’ve read them, we’ve sang them, we’ve acted them out… these are books that get the most repeats and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Some are Sprinter’s favourites, some are Sunshine’s favourites… and a couple are everybody’s favourite. 🙂
We hope you’ll enjoy them as well and create a whole host of precious memories with your little ones 🙂20160912_130916

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is really fun. Learn the song and sing it with your kids. You can find it on youtube. Kids love drama too and A Fish Out of Water, Curious George and Piggie & Gerald have just the right amount of it. Madeline is a charmer with girls and we love all the short stories in the The Big Book series. They still get repeated today!


We love words that rhyme or have a rhythmic flow… Over in the Meadow, We’re going on a Bear Hunt, Fox in Socks, Ten Apples Up On Top, The Gruffalo etc are just some of them. Papa, please get the moon for me was a childhood favourite of mine but in the version I read eons ago… papa got a moon necklace for the little girl. I thought that was brilliant! Love you Forever is another beautiful book that shows you the touching love between a parent and their child… Press Here is sure to invite lots of laughter as it’s a fun, interactive book!


We also love books that allow us to get creative too! Rainbow Fish, The Perfect Square, The Carrot Seed, Mouse Mess and The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and the list goes on. We drew, cut, created, planted, painted, baked,and did many many more fun things after reading these books. Charlie and Lola is a sibling duo (just like us!) and we enjoyed listening in to their conversations. Little Pea is just hilarious (unfortunately it didn’t change my children’s opinions about peas.)

What are some of your favourites? Feel free to share!