Heidi… such a charming girl, such sweet spirit. This classic story is well-loved by many and this audio production will make you fall in love with Heidi all over again after listening to it!

We’ve been listening to Heidi in the car the last few days and we love it! We have been thoroughly entertained. Absolutely captivating I must say. The BBC radio production with a full-cast dramatization has really made this enduring classic come alive for us in the car. So much so, we look forward to getting in the car (and staying in the car!) to listen to the the story.

I wasn’t sure if Sprinter would take a liking for story… since the main character is a girl but he really enjoyed it too. Sprinter might only get 70% of what is going on in the story since the plot does move along fast but he remained engaged till the end. Sometimes he’d stop to ask questions if he didn’t quite get what was going on. You know he’s hooked to the story when he gets upset everytime I’m reversing the car 😛 My audio automatically stops playing when car is reversing 😉

Just to clarify… this is advertised as an audiobook but it doesn’t ‘read’ the story to you. There is no narration on this CD but a full cast of voices who ‘act’ the story out. So just imagine you are watching the movie ‘Heidi’ but on radio.  The cover emphasizes “full cast dramatization”. 🙂

Audiobooks are a great way to introduce your children to stories, and classics in this case. I am pretty sure Heidi is not a book Sprinter would have taken much interest in, but thanks to the audio ‘drama’ he just might pick up the book in a few years time and give it a read for ‘old times sake’. What’s great about these audio books are that you’re also helping them develop their listening skills and they don’t even know it. Audiobooks are just another source of entertainment for them *wink*.

Do check out audiobooks in your libraries and take them with you on holidays. They come in very handy and are great if you’re on a long family road trip! 😉