(Oops, we lost the book jacket)
Title: Perfect Square
Author: Michael Hall
Publisher : Green Willow Books
Age : 3 up

It’s been a while since we’ve had so much fun with a book. Perfect Square by Michael Hall is one of those books that provides an excellent opportunity for the reader to experience the story come alive by embarking on your very own art adventure.

I love the idea behind the story – stay positive and open-minded even in challenging moments and you’ll be amazed at what you can do! We meet one bright red square. It has four matching corners and four equal sides. It is described as a perfect square and it is perfectly happy… until change comes along and disrupts the ‘perfectness’!

2016-05-27 12.51.14
On Monday, the square gets cut up and punched with holes. It doesn’t look like a perfect square anymore. It transforms itself into a wonderful water fountain… a babbling, giggling, clapping fountain. On Tuesday, the square turns into a garden… Wednesday, a park… then a bridge, a mountain and so on. I’m not going to give the story away but the story ends brilliantly with the perfect square initiating change itself and changing the way it looks at the world 🙂

This book screams for an art project. So we got our origami coloured paper out and decided to make our very own Perfect Square book.

We used a hole puncher, scissors and glue to transform Sunshine's perfect square into a water fountain.
We used a hole puncher, scissors and glue to transform Sunshine’s perfect square into a water fountain.
Sprinter decides he wants blue for his water fountain. :)
Sprinter decides he wants blue for his water fountain. 🙂

This book celebrates creativity and it’s really fun trying to replicate the book. Sprinter and I first did this art project some two years back and we shared our work in class during a story-telling session. We showed them how to transform a square and I still remember the look on the children’s faces as they saw the magic happen right before their eyes. It was amazing 🙂
We decided to revisit those moments last week so that Sunshine can experience it too. The kids had fun ripping, tearing, crumpling and cutting (good for fine motor skills). The water fountain is our favourite because it’s just visually captivating. You can use this activity to have little ones practise maths skills too eg. arrange cut pieces from biggest to smallest.

square 2

I’ll end this post with the Perfect Square book trailer. It’s brilliant because the animation really helps with visualizing the transformation too! It’s a great rainy-day home activity. Give it a try and see how your children like it too 🙂