Let me introduce to you a fabulous series a friend recommended to me some time ago. They are called the Read Aloud Bible Stories. Huge books with equally huge print and bold illustrations. We are loving it! 🙂

Publisher: Moody Publishers Ages: 2 up
Publisher: Moody Publishers
Ages: 2 up

A few people have told me the books completely ‘hooked’ their kids. They did so for mine too. Who knows your children might be absolutely enthralled by the books too! Their appeal must have something to do with the whole presentation – interesting, uncomplicated storyline with great choice of words for the young ones plus the splash of bold colours on every page. Somehow the author seems to know how to connect with a child’s mind in a special way.

ra bible 2

ra bible 8

There are five volumes in this series. Each volume contains five stories. It’s titled Read Aloud – perfect for early readers to read aloud to you, or for parents to read to their very young ones. That’s what I did. I asked Sprinter to read on his own. He resisted but I insisted. “Mama reads other bible stories to you dear but this book is for you to read aloud. See, it says Read Aloud Bible Stories. I’ll help you along but I can’t read this one.” 😛 And then I read the books for Sunshine the next day. (>_<) (Grown ups are so full of contradictions, aren’t they?)

ra bible 9

So he read… and he got hooked. And he kept wanting to read… one after another. I even asked him between stories “Do you want to continue? You can take a breather and read it tomorrow if you wish.” But he would give me a resounding ‘Yes!’ The words are big and sentences are short so he just kept turning page after page. It made reading pacy and had him engaged throughout. This book would be especially good for those with short attention span because it moves things along fast.(That always helps, doesn’t it?) In one sitting, Sprinter finished Volume 1 and he was SUPER proud of it. Mummy of course added to the whole excitement to encourage him. “Wow, look at you! There were more than 150 pages and you read it all by yourself in 15 minutes! I take much longer than that to read that much!”
*Big grin* on Sprinter’s face.

ra bible 3

This is our favourite story in Volume One… and my favourite part in “The Man Who Couldn’t See”. Jesus heals Bartimaeus. See how it is illustrated. I love how we see it from Bartimaeus perspective in this one. I appreciate the variety of perspectives – powerful. You will also notice that Jesus’ face is never seen in these stories. I applaud that! Leave it to the child to imagine our amazing Christ… and let them not be influenced by stereotypical images that we often see sometimes!

ra bible 4

Did I mention this book is large? It makes it perfect for holding up and reading in class if you ever wish to hold storytelling sessions for say, Sunday school. After an engaging read, you’ll be greeted with a page that asks, “What did you learn?” at the end of each story. And a lovely summary is written for you to reinforce the truth. 👍*Two thumbs up*👍

Sprinter had lots of fun reading this series. The same night he tackled volume one, he felt so competent and good that he plunged right into volume two. It’s a great book to get early readers to read on their own – book is fun, content is great and it gives the reader a sense of accomplishment of having read such a big, thick book 😉

Having said that, this is an awesome book for the very young ones too. Read it to your toddlers, they will enjoy. This is a good quality hardcover books so it will withstand all the ‘harsh’ treatment from the young ones 😛 Enjoy!