bible 5

We continue to do devotions at home with our ABC bible verse book. We look up those verses in our bible and highlight them. Then it occurred to me… why not start reading the bible itself with Sprinter? So I did, the previous week. For some reason, I was just drawn to the Book of Daniel (maybe because I just studied it in my bible class) so I decided this would be the first book I’d introduce my son to. I just had a good feeling about it… in fact I was just sharing with my friends yesterday morning that the Book of Daniel has ‘drama’ elements that hooks a reader… and there are only 12 chapters! (always a bonus:P)

Somebody asked me how I developed a hunger for His word… how I became so fervent and inspired to teach my children His word… and how do I fit the whole bible teaching into our already busy schedule? My answer to the first question : God’s grace. I didn’t starve myself so that I would develop a hunger… God was so kind to plant this desire in me and I simply cannot ignore it. Second question… emm, let me return to that. Allow me to jump to the third question : it’s become my top priority. So I didn’t “fit it in” because, yes I have a long to-do list but only so much time with my kids. So something had to give…

bible 1 If there’s only one thing I can do for my children in this life… it would be to know God. But as I mentioned in my first answer… God is the one who plants the desire to know Him, not I. For sure, spiritual appetites can’t be forced – I can’t make my children want to walk with God, God has to turn the light on in their hearts, just like he has done to mine, and draw them/us closer to Him. God’s timing is perfect so He knows when that light should start a spark. But as a parent, do I just sit there and do nothing, just waiting for God to turn that switch on? So to answer the second question… I believe there is much we parents can do to create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth. That when the perfect time comes (as God chooses) and He comes knocking on our children’s heart doors, our children will find immediate comfort and love because they already know who HE is. That He is not a stranger because they grew up learning about Him. That they will welcome Him because we, parents, have made a room in their minds and hearts for spiritual growth through our words and examples.
And that is what fuels my fervour and desire.
It feeds my own hunger too.
I am becoming increasingly aware that my maturity as a follower of Christ is being affected by my limited knowledge of God’s Word. How do I teach my children if I myself lack the nowledge? I want to be able to communicate biblical truth from my heart directly to theirs. I want to know and love God’s Word. In the end, this works like a virtuous circle.


So back to the Book of Daniel. We do just one chapter at a time. We read it whenever we have the time. We often have work, dinner commitments or occasions when kids just conk out early because they are so tired… then I just let it be. Tonight is one of those nights. I don’t want to force the reading in any way. It should be enjoyable and exciting. In the last two weeks, we’ve read four chapters. I had to revisit chapter 2 again yesterday because Sprinter requested for it saying that ‘I really like that part of the story Mummy.’ So that’s how we are doing it in our home. It’s a journey and I continue to ask the Lord to guide and show me the way.


Before I sign off, let me just share a brilliant resource that you might find useful. I have shared this with some of my friends and received good feedback. My kids and I are listening to ‘The Jesus Storybook Bible’ audio CD in the car. It is narrated by David Suchet (those who watch British TV will recognize him as Agatha Christie’s Poirot) and oh my is he a genius storyteller! The book by Sally Llyod Jones is beautifully written, but David Suchet really makes it fantastic with his superb reading I highly recommend. I was so captivated by the audio CD that I found myself staying in the car (after I’ve parked my car) just to finish listening to a story!

I look forward to sharing more of such resources with you. Please do share too if you know any.