Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal Ages: 3 up
Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Ages: 3 up

Sunshine’s current favourites are Little Pea and Little Hoot. There’s Little Oink too but strange it’s nowhere to be found… hmmm maybe I loaned it out to a friend…

I read this to Sunshine last night and it was so interesting to watch her expression/reaction as I was reading the story. I still recall the time when I first introduced this book to Sprinter (he was around Sunshine’s age too!)… and he was just giggling and giggling non-stop. He was SO tickled by the story. It turned out to be a laughter therapy for us haha.
But my little girl… she was intense during the read last night. So intense – she was absolutely captivated! The funny storyline didn’t tickle her… it baffled her and she was displaying intense amusement while trying very hard to make sense of it all. If you haven’t read the story… read on. I’ll tell you why.

pea 2

Little Pea is a funny book about food choices. Little Pea is not very fond of his meal times. Mummy and Daddy love Little Pea and want to see him grow big and strong… so they serve him what’s best for him… candy!! Little Pea hates candies! His exasperated parents ask him to eat five pieces. Little Pea reluctantly does so or else there will be no dessert.

And guess what dessert is?!
You really should have seen the look on Sunshine’s face. So amused his meals are candies and so baffling that he hates it. And even more confusing to see his reaction to his favourite dessert – spinach!

pea 4

As the publisher puts it ‘Children who have trouble swallowing their veggies will love the way this pea-size picture book serves up a playful story they can relate to.’

Little Hoot and Little Oink are stories along the same line. Little Hoot wants to sleep but Mummy and Daddy owl try all means to keep him awake while Little Oink is a neat pig who loves cleaning up! haha What delightful characters they are, aren’t they?
Pick up these books at the library and see if your child loves them. Let me know how they react to them too 😉 Enjoy reading!

pea 3