love scripture

“There is no education more important than God’s education.”

I remember being surprised at myself as these words poured out of my mouth. I was responding to a friend as she talked about various class choices she had to make for her child. Those words may have been my advice to her but I knew He put those words in my heart. Those words were meant for me.

I’ve always been a book lover… I’ve always been a believer of Christ… but only now am I driven by renewed interest to make the bible my best friend. Do not be “lukewarm”  says Jesus in the Book of Revelation. I’m so grateful there’s a fever in my heart to know more of God’s word and a growing responsibility to teach my children the Word of God. There’s so much wisdom in the bible… godly wisdom not worldly wisdom! And that’s all we need in our lifetime here before we are granted eternity.

While I’m doing good on my New Year resolution to read the bible cover to cover (read till Chronicles before jumping to the Book of Daniel), the idea to begin family devotions has been planted in my head. I’ve been tossing ideas on how to get started. Simple is the best way to go for starters I reckon.


I’m currently using ‘My ABC Bible verses’ to introduce my children to helpful verses. The selected verses in this book are just perfect for a child! I remember flipping through the first few verses thinking this book is just what we need to work on these values and virtues. The first few verses spoke to me, just the verses I needed then to teach Sprinter!
‘A soft answer turns away wrath’ (prov 15:1)
‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called sons of God’ (Matt 5:9)
‘Children, obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord.’ (Col 3:20)

abc 2

Each page starts with a short explanation of what the verse means before presenting a short story to illustrate and give an example of how we can use it/apply it in our daily situations. We meet siblings Missy and Bill who ‘demonstrate’ how they make the verse ‘come alive’. The chapter ends nicely with a prayer suggestion. 🙂


Sprinter is so proud to own his very own bible!
Sprinter is so proud to own his very own bible!

Obviously, a “devotion book” cannot take the place of Scripture reading and memorization. So we try to do that too by finding the verse we just learnt in our own bibles, and highlighting it. 🙂 Sprinter knows how to search and look up a bible and I can see he feels a great sense of pride and empowerment just knowing how to navigate the huge, rather intimidating book. 🙂

I want to be diligent in instilling a love for His Word. Amen!