I promised an update on how our “storytime with author” went. 🙂 We enjoyed revisiting Kevin Henkes’ books. Sprinter seems to look forward to it everytime. He now knows the name by heart. He doesn’t know much about the author (and takes no interest haha) but he knows which books he wrote. 🙂

It seemed a pity to read, have fun and then let it go just like that if you know what I mean. So I googled and found some great ideas. We decided to borrow the ‘comparison chart’ idea and further our author time with Kevin Henkes.

henkes 18

This was easy to put together. We just need a board, markers and post-its – all of which are readily available in my home. My hubby calls me a stationery store :P. I enjoy making such learning aids because I know I’d have loved working on such activities if I were a kid. So most of time, I find myself having more fun doing these than my children haha. It’s fun, engaging and so neat! I guess I’m a visual learner hmmm…  just don’t ask me to draw… that one I dread.

This activity was relatively easy. A good introduction to Sprinter to read and ‘break down’ the story. We focused on facts for this round so I had Sprinter find all his answers while going through the stories again. We chose four books (cuz I only had four coloured post-its :P) to compare and Sprinter was busy flipping through the books again to fill in the blanks. I noticed he was rushing through, flipping back to front, front to back etc. I found a good opportunity to teach him how to work systematically and why we work systematically. “Go page to page from front to back, then you can be sure you haven’t missed out on anything.” And voila… in less than 10 mins… we completed our chart.
For older children, I’m thinking you could add other more challenging categories such as ‘feelings’, ‘motivation’ etc. It might double up as a good EQ discussion exchange for them. 🙂

So far so good. Am happy with our author storytime in our home.We’re looking forward to meeting our next author… a personal favourite of mine. Coming soon ~