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April 2016

Make Way for Robert McCloskey I

I love many of the books Robert McCloskey wrote/illustrated so it’s really exciting that we get to read his books again for our “Storytime with Author” time. There’s something special about his books… his illustrations are stunning and as true-to-life as they can be. The stories behind his stories are even more interesting too! I’ll share more below.

robert 1

Robert McCloskey’s books are a classic. For a man whose initial plans were only to make a living as an artist, McCloskey certainly surprised himself when he decided to try his hand at writing children’s book because his art career was a ‘bust’. His books today are some of the best loved children’s classics. His most enduring book is perhaps the famous Make Way For Ducklings, a Caldecott winner – an absolute favourite of mine. So here’s more on why our family love McCloskey and our thoughts on this book (in this post) and a few others we love (next post.)

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Love for God’s Word

love scripture

“There is no education more important than God’s education.”

I remember being surprised at myself as these words poured out of my mouth. I was responding to a friend as she talked about various class choices she had to make for her child. Those words may have been my advice to her but I knew He put those words in my heart. Those words were meant for me.

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Look back… Kevin Henkes

I promised an update on how our “storytime with author” went. 🙂 We enjoyed revisiting Kevin Henkes’ books. Sprinter seems to look forward to it everytime. He now knows the name by heart. He doesn’t know much about the author (and takes no interest haha) but he knows which books he wrote. 🙂

It seemed a pity to read, have fun and then let it go just like that if you know what I mean. So I googled and found some great ideas. We decided to borrow the ‘comparison chart’ idea and further our author time with Kevin Henkes.

henkes 18

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Greek Mythology for Sunshine (and babies!)

I mentioned Ms Sunshine is also into Greek myths. But she’s reading an entirely different range of books from her brother. Kor Kor’s book of stories are way to complex and long for her. Having said that, the current range is perfect for babies and toddler. (Sunshine is in the pre-schooler stage and I recognize I should be introducing slightly more matured books to her. But I keep forgetting that! We still see her as ‘our sweet baby’ in the house.)

myths 8

I found these really adorable Mini Myths books last year and they are just perfect for little ones, yes even babies. They are very hardy, made from good quality thick cardboard and are just the right size for the very littles to put the books on their laps to read. Continue reading “Greek Mythology for Sunshine (and babies!)”

Greek Myths for Sprinter

My kids are currently fascinated by Greek mythology. Both Sprinter and Sunshine… and they have their own favourites. Sprinter is into A Child’s Introduction to Greek Mythology by Heather Alexander, and Sophie is into a brilliant series of books for toddlers authored by Joan Holub (more in my next post).

A lovely hardcover book that caught my eye at a bookshop... I was just drawn to it too and knew my son would be too!
A lovely hardcover book that caught my eye at a bookshop… I was just drawn to it too and knew my son would be too!

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