We are blessed with so many books we love in our house… and our collection keeps growing! And yet it’s difficult to decide what we want to read sometimes. What a shame too when we fail to revisit good books time to time because we’re drawn to new books. (Yes, I do realize I need to hold back my shopping spree appetite… I have tried… still trying… tsk tsk… my hubby is just glad they’re not bags haha)

An idea. We’ll host a ‘Storytime with xyz author” in our house! There are so many great authors we simple adore yet have forgotten about them for a while… so perhaps this project will enable us to appreciate them again (and mummy to revisit some of my favourites too!) I won’t be surprised if some of these books sound ‘new’ to Sprinter because it’s been more than two years since we’ve read some of them!

Our first author… Kevin Henkes! Sprinter had the honor of choosing our first author. I grabbed a range of books by different authors and asked him to choose a book for our first week. He chose ‘Waiting’ by Kevin Henkes… so Henkes it is!

The plan is to read one book from this selection every desk time – Sprinter does this twice a week. So this selection will likely last us up to 3 weeks. And before we read the book, I’ll spend a short moment drawing our attention to the author. Kids don’t usually care about authors at this stage… and that’s fine. But perhaps by doing it routinely, it’ll be a good starting point to get them acquainted with the author 🙂

Sprinter chose ‘Lilly’s Plastic Purple Purse” as his first book last night.

Our first night went well 🙂 Sprinter chose Lilly’s Plastic Purple Purse and came up with an idea to act out the scenes as we read. We shared the reading and we took turns acting. It was funny and fun 🙂 We’ll see what he chooses to read later this week. In the meantime, allow us to share our books with you. 🙂

  1. Lilly’s Plastic Purple Purse
    Lilly loves school. Lilly loves her teacher… until Mr Slinger confiscates her prized possessions – new bag, and glittery glasses- because they’re distracting the class. This upsets her and she changes her mind about her favourite teacher, leading her to say some nasty things about him. She soon learns to regret and sets out to make amends. It’s a book young students can relate to… and learn from it!
  2. Owen
    Owen loves his yellow blanket. He brings it with him everywhere! There is NO way he is going to part with it. Owen’s parents are in despair—soon Owen will begin school, and he can’t take his blanket with him. Whatever can be done? If you ever had a favourite thing you were attached to when you were young, you will understand how Owen feels.:) Sunshine was drawn to this book. A Caldecott Honor book.
  3. Waiting
    See how the cover shows five characters sitting on a windowsill as if waiting for something? This book is about waiting and it’s a comforting read about waiting. There’s a lot of waiting that children have to get used to from very young (right into our adulthood!) and in this book, a child sets the stage and pulls the strings. Gentle, sweet and timeless… it’s a great addition to our Henkes collection.
  4. Lilly’s Big Day
    Lilly and her favourite teacher, Mr Slinger makes a comeback in this story. Yippee! Mr Slinger is going to get married and Lilly has big plans to be the flower girl! It’s great… only Lilly doesn’t know Mr Slinger has already chosen his niece to be his flower girl. Lilly learns friendship, patience and love in this story. Surprising Sprinter really enjoyed this one. Read to find out what happens in the end!
  5. Chester’s Way
    Chester and Wilson are two good friends who had their own way of doing things. They always did things together, in the same way. Literally, two peas in a pod. One day, Lilly who has a distinct mind of her own and does things HER own way moves into the neighbourhood. Chester and Wilson avoid her at all cost… until a moment comes that reveal what friends and friendships are all about. The three become good pals despite their differences 🙂
  6. Crysanthemum
    Crysanthemum thinks her name is beautiful and perfect!… until she starts school and gets teased. An honest and heartwarming story of how Crysanthemum struggles through the teases… and eventually meets a teacher who makes all the difference. I love Henkes’ use of language to describe how Crysanthemum felt when she is teased. Her reaction is the same every time; “Chrysanthemum wilted.”
  7. Sheila Rae, The Brave
    A great story for siblings – Just because Sheila Rae is older, she doesn’t always know better!  Sheila thinks her younger sister is the timid one and she is brave… until her younger sister comes to her rescue. Sheila stops teasing. Who gets the last laugh?
  8. Julius. The Baby of the World
    Another sibling story – Lilly is not very happy she has a new baby brother, Julius, and thinks he is dreadful. But when her cousin comes along and bullies Julius, Lilly stands up for him and proclaims Julius as the baby of the world. We enjoyed the humour in this one. Sprinter couldn’t stop laughing. “Henkes displays a deep understanding of sibling rivalry and a child’s fragile self-esteem. . . . Lilly is a superb and timely heroine.”—Publishers Weekly

  9. Kitten’s First Full Moon
    Great book for the very little ones. It is Kitten’s first full moon, and she tries to get it…thinking it is a bowl of milk in the sky. Here is a story just waiting to be acted out in narrative pantomime. Try it and have fun! Our book also came with a CD that sings the book in a lovely tune. A Caldecott winner.
  10. My Garden
    A short and sweet one about a girl who helps out in her mother’s garden. This little girl observes what’s around her and uses playful imagination to have fun!
  11. A box of Treats
    This collection contains five short stories about Lilly and her friends.  Lilly’s Chocolate Heart, Owen’s Marshmellow Chick, Wemberly’s Ice-Cream Star, Julius’s Candy Corn and Sheila Rae’s Peppermint Stick. Each story is based on a special treat on a special day e.g Easter, Halloween etc.


Before I sign off, I highly recommend you check out Kevin Henkes’ website. He has lots of valuable suggestions you could use to further extend the reading experience. There’s an activity guide for each book – very helpful!