Wonderful stories to read as we are reminded of the true meaning of Easter.
Wonderful stories to read as we are reminded of the true meaning of Easter.

Kids are excited that Easter is around the corner! It’s time to get our bunnies, baskets and coloured eggs out to play, paint and hunt. (But let’s not forget the real meaning of Easter too!)

To that end I’d like to suggest a few books we’re reading as Easter approaches. Perhaps you may wish to read them too! Here are some of our Easter / egg-themed books we are reading 🙂

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  1. The Story of the Easter Robin

How did the robin get its red breast? Sprinter will always remember this Easter legend story thanks to this book. We meet Tressa, a little girl who spots two robins nesting on her grandmother’s window ledge. Spring has not come and it is cold. Tressa is worried the little ones will not survive.
Grandma reassures Tressa God will take good care of them as once a robin cared for Jesus too… and the lovely story unfolds. It’s a really sweet story with tender illustrations… a story of love, compassion and faith. We really enjoyed reading this and I’m sure now whenever we spot a robin in the sky, its red breast will always remind us of Jesus.


2.The Sparkle Egg

Jill Hardie does it again with this book, The Sparkle Egg! (We really loved her previous Christmas story, The Sparkle Box. Still our favourite!) This story is about Sam and we learn about forgiving ourselves and receiving forgiveness from God. (We all make big mistakes, don’t we?)
Sam lied about a test score to his mum which she later finds out – he is feeling guilty and ashamed that he has let his parents down. His parents talk to him about forgiveness and they pray. Easter is around the corner and mum uses this opportunity to introduce something called a ‘sparkle egg’. Without giving too much away, it is a brilliant idea to get the children thinking about forgiveness and understanding God’s gift of grace! There’s even a guide at the end telling you how to make your own sparkle egg. Of course, we (improvised) made one too!

Meaningful Easter Eggs! We had fun decorating our eggs, and yes, there is a minion egg too!
Meaningful Easter Eggs! We had fun decorating our eggs, and yes, there is a minion egg too!


3. The Miracle of Easter

This is probably Sprinter’s favourite – a gentle introduction to the well known bible story of Easter. After we read the bible story of Jesus and his disciples, leading up to the crucifixion and then resurrection, he went ‘Wow… I really liked that story.’ It definitely left an impression on him!


4. God Gave Us Easter

We read this after reading the above three books including The Miracle of Easter… perhaps that’s why we found ourselves speeding through the book (because of repeated similar content) until we came to the last bit. Little Cub and Papa bear talk about Easter and its significance… and then Little Cub asks “Do you talk to Jesus, Papa?… Does he talk back?” I had to slow down here, this is the highlight for me. I love how Papa bear answers “… it takes a special kind of listening… it’s like he whispers in my heart…” Sprinter has asked this question before – I don’t hear God. How can I hear his voice?
I shall borrow this line the next time he asks me again 🙂


5. The Egg

The illustrations caught my eye and so we picked it up. Unlike the previous stories… this one is not Easter related, just an egg-themed story. 🙂  The illustrations have a Harry Potter kind of feel but the story is more like Marianne Dubuc’s The Lion and the Bird – a story about friendship, gratitude and appreciation. George finds a giant egg in the hen house and decides to nurture it himself. He can sense it’s special. He sits on it and reads it stories (So cute!). Finally, the egg hatches into a dragon and the story of friendship unfolds. Sprinter was fascinated by this story from start to finish. A boy, a dragon and a golden egg – no surprise why he liked it. The kind of stuff boys like 😉


6. A Royal Easter Story

This one is perhaps for our little girls. We meet (again) the five princesses (from the Princess Parables series) and this time with their five new friends – young knights. Everyone is busy making their way to the Easter celebrations when the girls decide to challenge the boys in a race to see who can find the shortest route. Alas, the princesses face some obstacles and gets caught in a huge storm and finds a stranger girl stranded. The princesses show tremendous strength, selflessness and their trust in God. Yes, with His love, you can overcome any obstacle.


7. Amon’s Adventure

This a great book to read to older kids, say 9 years old and above. It’s a chapter book with a more complex storyline and each chapter ends with a short devotion. There are 28 chapters altogether, you can read a chapter each night as a lead up to Easter 🙂
Amon is a thirteen year old Jewish boy who finds himself in difficult times and needing to grow up quick as the ‘man of the house’ role is unexpectedly thrust upon him when his father is wrongly accused of a crime. The story takes place in Jerusalem in the weeks leading up to Christ’s crucifixion. Throughout the story, Amon faces struggles and finds himself turning to God and trusting Him to help with his problems. It’s a fascinating story of suspense… I look forward to reading it in the near future with my kids 🙂


8. Bunny’s First Spring

New life and new hope – that’s what the story wants to convey. That’s in line with Easter, isn’t it? A baby bunny is born in Spring and we journey along with him as he experiences new life and new hope. Sweet and poetic, little ones will enjoy this book.


9. Audrey’s Bunny

Such a sweet story this is. Audrey Bunny has a spot on her chest and is worried Caroline, a little girl, will not like her imperfection. Audrey Bunny tries her best to hide the spot. One day, Caroline has a show-and-tell in school and takes Audrey Bunny with her. Audrey Bunny is so worried and so anxious about her flaw! But she gets a wonderful surprise. Caroline explains the spot on Audrey Bunny is what makes her bunny unique and lets her know it is hers. Aww…. Audrey Bunny now realizes Caroline loves her despite her flaws. The book ends with a reminder that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.


What great stories they all are! We enjoyed every one of them, hope you do too!