The Berenstain Bears franchise started in 1962 and has over 300 titles!!
The Berenstain Bears franchise started in 1962 and has over 300 titles!!

I remember reading a Berenstain Bear book and watching the cartoons when I was young, but I never really took a liking for it. So when I saw these books at a book sale, I didn’t think much of them and picked just a few ‘interesting’ titles that caught my eye.

I didn’t have any expectations… if Sprinter was willing to listen, I’d read. If he showed no interest, I’d just move on. Well… he didn’t seem really excited when I read the books, so I read it once and did not return to them. But boy, was I in for a surprise. I didn’t know it until one day (about half a year after the purchase?) Daddy told me that our little boy had been asking for Berenstain Bears as his bedtime story every time! (Oh?) I was very amused… Sprinter never made such requests to me… *puzzled* He usually wants me to choose the books to read! Hmmm…

Anyway, since then, I’ve amassed quite a collection. On nights when I ask him to choose his books, he still brings me a book or two from the Berenstain Bears series. I don’t think he has a favourite title – he enjoys listening to all of them. I’m starting to appreciate the books too! Each story tells a life lesson presented in a fun manner usually involving Brother Bear and Sister Bear. Sprinter clearly identifies himself as Brother Bear and likens Sunshine to Sister Bear.

Below are shots of sample pages from the book. You can click on the image to enlarge the photo and have a closer look 🙂

bear 2

bear 3

bear 4

The Berenstain Bears has been around for decades, the earlier books were written by Stan and Jan Berenstain, a husband and wife team, while the more recent publications are written by their son Michael Berenstain, with a focus on Christian values. E.g Bible-themed books such as ‘The Berenstain Bears Says Their Prayers’. It’s a lasting franchise now being authored by the second generation. Pretty cool!

There are over 300 titles in this series. Borrow the books from the library and see if they strike a chord with your little ones too!