Can you tell we are HUGE fans of Piggie & Gerald?
Can you tell we are HUGE fans of Piggie & Gerald?

[This post was ready a few months ago but I never published it. I forgot all about it till recently(!) when a friend reminded me there’s a play based on Piggie and Gerald currently showing. Highly reccd! I’ve always enjoyed performances by the Player’s Theatre! Carina Hales is the director and I think she is brilliant! Do try and catch the show!]

This author really knows how to tickle the funny bones of both children and adults!! We have been enjoying Piggie and Gerald books.  LOTS. Because we love them!

Mo Willems’ series of Piggie and Gerald is sure to bring the house down. It always does for us! Sprinter loves storytime but only when mummy reads. However, with this series of books, I’ve been able to entice Sprinter to try reading on his own and he willingly takes up the challenge :D:D:D Kids will simply LOVE these stories!

It's raining and Piggie is disappointed. Gerald tries to cheer him up in Are You Ready to Play Outside?
It’s raining and Piggie is disappointed. Gerald tries to cheer him up in Are You Ready to Play Outside?

Just what you need to entice beginning and relunctant readers ;). Simple words and simple sentences with plenty of repeats throughout (not boring at all!). The illustrations are of course KEY in this case and can I tell you Mo Willems is just brilliant? They seem like simple drawings but oh so full of expressions with details that make us ‘feel’ the exact emotions the characters are going through!

Uh oh, Gerald can't stop sneezing! Why? in Pigs Make Me Sneeze.
Uh oh, Gerald can’t stop sneezing! Why? in Pigs Make Me Sneeze.

There are a total of 24 Piggie & Gerald books. And the theme of friendship runs very strong in this series. The stories explore various feelings that a child can relate to e.g fairness, jealousy, responsibility, thoughtfulness, caring and compassion. Just what our kids need to know and learn about at this age 🙂

Gerald knows the right thing to do is to offer to share his ice cream with Piggie, but the temptation is too big!
Gerald knows the right thing to do is to offer to share his ice cream with Piggie, but the temptation is too big!

The two are the cutest & funniest friends in the picture book world really… and they are now my favourite playdate companions when our friends come over. I found myself with six kids one unexpected afternoon and we came up with an idea to read and act out some of the funny scenes in Piggie & Gerald. Super entertaining and hilarious!  We literally rolled on the floor with laughter haha. Try it! Kids were entertained for a good two hours!

(We learnt about speech bubbles and made up our own Piggie and Gerald stories too. You can find the printables here.

Piggie, Gerald and Pigeon! Sunshine's favourite playmates. "Look you are in the book!" and she pretends to read the book to them. Too cute!
Piggie, Gerald and Pigeon! Sunshine’s favourite playmates.
“Look you are in the book!” and she pretends to read the book to them. Too cute!

We own quite a few of the titles, it’s worth keeping a few of your favourites as your own and borrowing the rest from the library. Economical. I’ll end this post with a quick note on some of the books we’ve read. And please check out this post too… a superb clip of Mo Willems talking about his writing process.


  • There Is a Bird on Your Head! (Jul 2007) – Gerald is not happy when he finds out there is a bird on his head and this bird has decided to call it home! Soon, one bird becomes a family of birds and Gerald has no idea what to do. He is distressed… until Piggie tells him to simply ask the birds if they’ll move and find another home. Ahh! Something clicks and Gerald does so with a hilarious outcome. This was the winner of the Theodor Seuss Geisel Medal in 2008.
  • I Am Invited to a Party! (Jul 2007) – Piggie is invited to a party and asks Gerald to come along too. What is the party about and what should they wear? No idea but they have lots of fun imagining what fun they will have!
  • I Love My New Toy! (Jun 2008) – Piggie has a new toy but has no idea what it is. Gerald offers to help and they just to figure out what toy it exactly is… until Gerald accidentally breaks it! Uh oh, their friendship is tested with a funny ending 😉
  • Are You Ready To Play Outside? (Oct 2008) –  Piggie is very excited to go out and play but alas, it starts to rain! Gerald tries to cheer up his friend 🙂 This book won the Theodor Seuss Geisel Medal in 2009.
  • Watch Me Throw The Ball! (Mar 2009) – Gerald has a new ball and Piggie wants to have a turn throwing it. Gerald takes great pride and insists ball throwing is serious business. But Piggie shows Gerald what real fun is!
  • We Are In A Book! (Sept 2010) – Piggie and Elephant realize they are part of a book! They not only talk to each other but involve the reader as well this time. Find out what happens!
  • I Broke My Trunk! (Feb 2011) Gerald broke his trunk and he tells Piggie a long story about how crazy he was trying to lift his friends with his trunk. But that’s now how he broke it. He broke it in the most silly, clumsy way!(you will faint at the reason haha) And Piggie ends up doing the same thing!
  • Should I Share My Ice Cream? (June 2011) Gerald and Piggie are clearly best friends. Gerald has an ice cream but before he dives in to enjoy it, he takes a moment to think about this friend Piggie and how much his friend would enjoy it.(Aw…) But Gerald spends too much time ‘thinking’ and debating (don’t we all do?) and ice cream melts (*oops!*) See how Piggie saves the day!
  • Let’s Go for a Drive (Oct 2012) – Gerald suggests they go for a nice drive and all excited, the two start packing for the trip. But after all that they realize they don’t have a car! The two find new ways to have fun and spend the day.
  • A Big Guy Took My Ball (May 2013) Piggie runs to Gerald and tells him how a “big guy” has taken her ball. Gerald is infuriated and stands up for his friend. He goes to see this “big guy” and boy, is he in for a surprise!
  • I’m a Frog! (Oct 2013) Let’s play pretend! Piggie says he is a frog. What about Gerald?
  • My New Friend Is So Fun (June 2014) Piggie is having lots of fun with Brian, Snake’s best friend. Snake and Gerald watch the two and are happy to see Piggie getting along so well with Brian. But uh-oh… Gerald starts to wonder… what happens when your best friend seems to have found a new best friend?
  • Waiting Is Not Easy! (November 2014) We love this one! It does a beautiful job helping reinforce my constant message to my kids that ‘Good things come to those who wait’ haha. Piggie has a surprise for Gerald, but he’s got to wait. Oooh… it’s not easy waiting and Gerald whines and groans. It’s cute how Piggie puts up with it all… until the time finally comes and wow, it is worth the wait! Read to find out.

A comic strip from the man himself! Wish he wrote a book on this too. Enjoy!

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