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March 2016

Let’s Revisit… Kevin Henkes

We are blessed with so many books we love in our house… and our collection keeps growing! And yet it’s difficult to decide what we want to read sometimes. What a shame too when we fail to revisit good books time to time because we’re drawn to new books. (Yes, I do realize I need to hold back my shopping spree appetite… I have tried… still trying… tsk tsk… my hubby is just glad they’re not bags haha)

An idea. We’ll host a ‘Storytime with xyz author” in our house! There are so many great authors we simple adore yet have forgotten about them for a while… so perhaps this project will enable us to appreciate them again (and mummy to revisit some of my favourites too!) I won’t be surprised if some of these books sound ‘new’ to Sprinter because it’s been more than two years since we’ve read some of them!

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[Q&A] Kevin Henkes

henkes 16
When do we not love a book by Kevin Henkes? He’s master storyteller and one of our favourite picture book authors. We’re trying out ‘Storytime with our selected author for the month‘ in our home and of course our very first author is Kevin Henkes! We are looking forward to revisiting his books 🙂

I’ll share our experience and post reviews on his books soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this interview with the author himself posted on his website.

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Easter Stories

Wonderful stories to read as we are reminded of the true meaning of Easter.
Wonderful stories to read as we are reminded of the true meaning of Easter.

Kids are excited that Easter is around the corner! It’s time to get our bunnies, baskets and coloured eggs out to play, paint and hunt. (But let’s not forget the real meaning of Easter too!)

To that end I’d like to suggest a few books we’re reading as Easter approaches. Perhaps you may wish to read them too! Here are some of our Easter / egg-themed books we are reading 🙂

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Berenstain Bear Series

The Berenstain Bears franchise started in 1962 and has over 300 titles!!
The Berenstain Bears franchise started in 1962 and has over 300 titles!!

I remember reading a Berenstain Bear book and watching the cartoons when I was young, but I never really took a liking for it. So when I saw these books at a book sale, I didn’t think much of them and picked just a few ‘interesting’ titles that caught my eye.

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Pondering Parenthood I

Tuesday morning…

Am sitting at a café I frequent and trying to get some work done for tomorrow. Yes, deadline is tomorrow and I need to focus and work fast.
Can’t help but notice two Grandpas sitting diagonally across… talking and chatting and reminiscing about life. This cafe is a quiet place so I can hear them talk. Nice folks, I think to myself. Seem to be in their 70s… judging from their attire, clearly retired business folks enjoying their free mornings. And there they are talking… much of their talk revolving around their growing up years AND their parents. What mum did… what his father was like….

I listen. I start thinking…

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We love our Picture Book Classics!

pb 1

I prefer owning individual titles vs a collection of stories… simply because I think a book cover is a crucial element of the reading experience. (and collections are so heavy!) It’s like the start of a movie you know… you don’t want to miss the beginning with the opening soundtrack and the title sequence. Likewise, I like to take a moment of two staring at a book cover before I plunge into it. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t judge a book by its cover 😛 but yes, I still care about my covers, hardcover or paperback.
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Favourite Friends – Elephant and Piggie!

Can you tell we are HUGE fans of Piggie & Gerald?
Can you tell we are HUGE fans of Piggie & Gerald?

[This post was ready a few months ago but I never published it. I forgot all about it till recently(!) when a friend reminded me there’s a play based on Piggie and Gerald currently showing. Highly reccd! I’ve always enjoyed performances by the Player’s Theatre! Carina Hales is the director and I think she is brilliant! Do try and catch the show!]

This author really knows how to tickle the funny bones of both children and adults!! We have been enjoying Piggie and Gerald books.  LOTS. Because we love them!

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