It’s been about three months since my last post. Yes… it’s taken quite long. I’m just glad I’m able to come back and post something. This year is turning out to be one with extraordinary number of commitments. I look forward to writing whenever I can 🙂

Author: Nicolas Halliday Publisher: HallidayBooks Ages: 4 and up
Author: Nicolas Halliday
Publisher: HallidayBooks
Ages: 4 and up

There’s something special about this book… wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated.
A heart-warming story of life, death and new life. I was touched by the story. I am sure you will be too.

tree 1

A new tree is growing in the heart of an Oak woodland. The young evergreen tree befriends the oldest oak who has lived there for hundreds of years. They spend days together and the young tree grows up hearing life stories from the ancient oak.


tree 2

Autumn comes and the old oak tells him that all oaks need to prepare for a long sleep during winter. Of course, evergreens will not sleep. The oak is tired and finally tells his new friend that he loves him before going into winter slumber.

All through the winter, the little tree feels lonely and cold, but he patiently waits for spring. New leaves appear everywhere… except he notices his old friend is still asleep and not a single leaf has sprouted yet.


tree 3

The worried young evergreen learns that his friend has died of old age. (Oh, I felt my heart ache here…) The birds who flew back after winter explains how death is a part of life and reminds him how much his friend loved him. One day, the last acorn that fell from the old oak begins to grow near the evergreen tree. The now matured evergreen and the new oak become good friends and he becomes the new oak’s mentor just as the old oak was to him.


tree 4

The ‘lonely tree’ realizes everything has a season and life is a cycle. That with every an end, there’s a new beginning. That there is hope and we can move on. That we can face the future with hope.

There’s something about this book that evokes emotions in me. The story… the illustration. It tells of life in a simple gentle way and shows us how love and friendship can heal the wounds of those carrying on.

An excellent tool for working with bereaved children … it’s not surprising that this book is actually a collaboration between the Child Bereavement Trust and the Tree Council in the States. There’s even a website at with ‘print & colour’ pictures of the characters, games and clues to finding animals hiding in the pages.

It’s a beautifully charming book that will appeal to the whole family. Hope you enjoy it too! 🙂