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February 2016

When you lose someone you love…

memoryWhen a loved one dies, it can be very difficult to know how to cope with the loss. Even more challenging is to help kids cope with death as you work through your own grief.

My family lost two of our loved ones recently. The sudden loss on both occasions came as a huge shock. During this painful time, we found comfort by reminding ourselves ‘ he died peacefully’, ‘he is resting in God’s arms now’, ‘… is eternal in the Heavens’. These words helped to console the aching heart.

memory 1But what about the children? These words may be beyond their comprehension. It is helpful to know how children understand death at different stages of development. It varies with age but children in general tend not to express their feelings and keep those emotions to themselves. Partly because they probably are confused and struggle to understand their own emotions and partly because they don’t know the words to express what they are feeling inside. They may seem silent and resilient but it would be helpful if a parent or someone close can approach them and start the conversation just to let their thoughts and emotions flow.

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The Lonely Tree

It’s been about three months since my last post. Yes… it’s taken quite long. I’m just glad I’m able to come back and post something. This year is turning out to be one with extraordinary number of commitments. I look forward to writing whenever I can 🙂

Author: Nicolas Halliday Publisher: HallidayBooks Ages: 4 and up
Author: Nicolas Halliday
Publisher: HallidayBooks
Ages: 4 and up

There’s something special about this book… wonderfully written, beautifully illustrated.
A heart-warming story of life, death and new life. I was touched by the story. I am sure you will be too.

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