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November 2015

Zero! One! Two! – Part I


I recently discovered Kathryn Otoshi and we LOVE her books! These are Sprinter’s current favourites 🙂

When I first flipped through the pages of ‘Zero’ at a bookstore, I thought it was just another maths book teaching kids how to count. (I normally put such books back onto the shelf.) But there was something unique about this one which made me flip through it once more, and I am glad I did! This book is a gem!(and the other two too!)

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Zero! One! Two! – Part II


waterIs the cup half full or half empty?

You’re familiar with this question. It is usually asked to get an ‘optimist or pessimist’ answer.

In this book, Zero asks a similar question but the focus is more on perspectives rather than on character trait.

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