Author: Dan Yaccarino Publisher: Square Fish Ages : 3 and up
Author: Dan Yaccarino
Publisher: Square Fish
Ages : 3 and up

Everybody loves Friday, especially this young boy who has a date with his father every week and spends some lovely father and son time at their favourite diner. It’s the same routine every Friday but we learn routines can be quite blissful and this boy clearly looks forward to it everytime.

friday 4

Rain or Shine, father and son take a leisurely walk through the bustling neighbourhood to their favourite place for breakfast. Everyone else is in a hurry to get somewhere but not them. They seem to enjoy ‘being in the moment’.

friday 1


They get to the diner and the waitress knows what the little boy wants. You get a very homey feeling from the story and that is nice. Father and son settle down and they spend the morning just connecting and engaging in great quality time, talking about all sorts of things. Ahh… a reminder that there is no better quality time than having a heart to heart talk with your child. I should spend more time with my kids making such memories!

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What I appreciate most about this book is the inspiration behind Every Friday. Dan Yaccarino wrote this book while reflecting on his role as a father and to encourage other parents to start a similar family tradition. Like most dads, Dan didn’t feel like he was spending enough time with his son. So he started this Friday routine not only to spend more time with his son but also to  let the little one know that Daddy will always have time for him. Beautiful.


I came across this on and I leave you with an excerpt of what Dan says…

” I look back on when we started what became our little tradition. He was in preschool and had to start sharing his mom and dad with a new little sister. I wanted him to have some time when he didn’t have to put up with a crying baby who yanked his ears, which he patiently tolerated. He and I soon looked forward to Fridays and the diner’s owner, Nick, as well as a variety of regulars, warmly greeting us. To their continued astonishment, he consumed an entire adult-size order of pancakes and a side of bacon, of which I was very proud. I have fond memories of us watching people trudging through the snow and rain as he and I were cozily nestled in a booth, a little oasis from the outside world. As much as we loved Nick’s Diner, I think we both preferred the small journey we took each week to get there. It may have been a mere four blocks, but it was full of adventure: greeting familiar faces, window shopping and monitoring the progress of a building on the corner going up story by story. “

Nick’s Diner has since closed, so our breakfasts have been relocated to another and like that building, my son is now tall and strong. I look back on his wonder of the world and fascination of even the smallest things. Even though it was only a few years ago, life seemed a bit less complicated. My hope for Every Friday is for dads, and moms, to set aside some time to be with their children. It doesn’t have to be breakfast on Friday, but it should be some time that they can count on to be with just you. And perhaps many years from now, they will carry on the tradition with their own children. “