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October 2015

Just What Do Those Awards Mean?



Have you ever wondered what these shiny seals on the book covers mean?

I find these award stickers helpful in selecting books over the countless others out in the market. Below are three well recognized labels… hope you find it helpful too 🙂

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[Q&A] Anna Kang, You are (Not) Small

Anna Kang received her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. “You Are (Not) Small” is her first children’s book. The following is a complete transcript of her interview with Cracking the Cover.

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My beautiful mother and a book called ‘You Are (Not) Small’

Publisher: Two Lions. Age: 2 – 6

I bought this book simply because it was written by Anna Kang. Nope, I had no idea who the author was at the time of purchase. Nope, I’ve never read any of her books. I bought it simply because my mother’s name is Anna Kang and my mother is a brilliant writer. Simply the best in my opinion.

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Every Friday

Author: Dan Yaccarino Publisher: Square Fish Ages : 3 and up
Author: Dan Yaccarino
Publisher: Square Fish
Ages : 3 and up

Everybody loves Friday, especially this young boy who has a date with his father every week and spends some lovely father and son time at their favourite diner. It’s the same routine every Friday but we learn routines can be quite blissful and this boy clearly looks forward to it everytime.

friday 4

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