Publisher : Harper Collins Ages : 3 and up
Publisher : Harper Collins
Ages : 3 and up

Here’s another quick recommendation on a story we really enjoyed during our recent holiday. Pete’s a Pizza is more than a book. My two kids kept themselves entertained by reading and laughing at the story while I was busy with a few house chores. I’ve actually not seen them enjoy a book this much before!

Pete is looking forward to play ball with his friends but oh no…. it starts to rain. He is lying on his couch, feeling miserable. Fortunately, Pete’s father knows how to cheer his little cherub up – make him into a pizza!

pizza 3

Dad kneads him, stretches him and tosses him around just like you would with a real pizza. He adds oil (it’s really water), tomatoes (it’s really checkers) and cheese (it’s really paper). Then, off to the oven he goes (it’s really the couch). Pete plays along and is really enjoying the attention. Ding! Pizza is ready and it’s time to cut slices (it’s really ticklish) but Pete gets up and runs away but Dad finally captures him and gives him a hug. Hilarious and oh pure joy! And before you know it, the sun’s out and Pete’s ready to head out to play with his friends. Thanks and bye Dad! 🙂

Sunshine enjoyed the story so much, she convinced Sprinter to read it for her saying “I don’t know how to read. You read it for me, ok?” hahaha

William Steig has written a really cute and fun book with clever use of imagination. The bonus here is that you can act out the story with your children. And that is exactly what we did which made this book that much more brilliant. Steig’s story cleverly weaves in a set of directions so parents can follow and borrow the idea. It’s a game Steig himself played with his youngest daughter Molly on rainy days. What a brilliant idea from a loving father and what precious memories they must share.

Parents, do try this at home. Make your child into a pizza and roll over the floor with laughter! 🙂 We definitely had fun making pizza.

Here’s a video to accompany the book. As I always say… read the book and then introduce the video. Enjoy!