readbabyreadBoth Sprinter and Sunshine enjoyed these books from crawlers through toddlerhood. We still read them today! Board books, cloth books, sound books, touch-feely books and sing-along books are best for the very young as they explore books with all their senses from textures to rhythmic awareness. We had a hard time choosing our top 15 but here they are. No surprise, all are familiar all-time favourites 🙂

  1. A delightful picture book brought to you by two great children book authors. As everyone knows nothing is sweeter and cuter than baby’s fingers and toes!


2. This book was a gift and I hesitated reading it because I thought the monster was too scary. Boy, was I wrong. My kids absolutely LOVED this book. Sprinter thought this monster was fun and hilarious… so did Sophie a few years later!  So now, I happily recommend it to others as I know this book will absolutely entertain kids! Watch the features of the monster go away as you turn each cut out page! We sing along to this tune!


3. Hooray For Fish! Lucy Cousins is probably best known for her Maisy books but we absolutely love this one. We think the song to this book is brilliant too! You’ll catch yourself humming and tapping your feet to the music! A book that brings joy 🙂 Here’s the link to the song. Enjoy!


4. Go on a fun search for snails. There is one hiding on every page. But where is the ‘real’ snail? We love singing to this book!


5. Sunshine loved this book when she was young. Meet all the sheep. Here is the blue sheep and the red sheep… here is the scared sheep and the brave sheep… but shh… where is the green sheep? Another great book to sing 😉 Here’s the link to the song we sing.


6. We love this book and all our little friends have told us they adore it too! It’s a fun book to sing along to.. Here’s the link 🙂 Eric Carle delights children with this fun book and what an easy way to learn the days of the week!


7. The world’s most famous caterpillar. This is of course one of the greatest childhood classics of all time!



8.Everyone loves this brown bear. Children love the repetitive nature of the book. Eric Carle introduces colours the fun way!


9. Love means loving EVERYTHING about you. Even when you cry or make a mess. Illustrations are very cute and everyone will love this book 🙂


10. This used to Sprinter’s favourite book. Lift the flaps and guess which animal the zoo sent!


11. Another book that will absolutely delight boys who are fascinated by cars, trains and trucks. My kids always laugh at the end. Great way to learn about the different train cars. I learnt something new too!


12. Touchy Feely books are always popular with very young ones. Pictures are beautiful, textures are interesting. Perfect for little ones!


13. This is an old classic adored by generations. Notice how the pictures alternate between colour and black and white. Interesting! Perfect bedtime story for the young ones. Try reading it like a lullaby.


14. Another Donald Crews book. Count the black dots and have the children use their imagination to come up with their own ideas.


15. Meet Gossie and friends! This series was a big hit with my girl and she loved the characters. It’s a very simply book with only a few words on each page and the cute illustrations and gentle humour will appeal to kids.


We just had to mention this… #16! We recommend all of Usborne’s Look and Say Books. They are incredibly sturdy and all our Look and Say books survived years of chewing, grabbing and mishandling by my two littles. Kids love the tabs on the sides which make turning the page oh-so-easy and voila~ they are on their way to becoming independent readers 😉


Let us know what are some of your favourites. We would love to hear from you!

Enjoy reading and singing to your little one!