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September 2015

I am Henry Finch

Author : Alexix Deacon Publisher : Walker Books Ages: 5 and up
Publisher : Walker Books
Ages: 5 and up

Our words have power. We have to use them wisely. Lewis Hamilton’s teacher and headmaster had told him “You won’t amount to anything.” My heart sunk when I heard that on TV a few days ago. Sigh… how could the very people who should be giving a child positive emotional support speak such negative words? Well done Hamilton for believing in yourself and for endlessly striving for excellence.

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Pete’s A Pizza

Publisher : Harper Collins Ages : 3 and up
Publisher : Harper Collins
Ages : 3 and up

Here’s another quick recommendation on a story we really enjoyed during our recent holiday. Pete’s a Pizza is more than a book. My two kids kept themselves entertained by reading and laughing at the story while I was busy with a few house chores. I’ve actually not seen them enjoy a book this much before!

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Boundaries with Kids

boundariesAuthor: Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend

Publisher: Zondervan

224 pages


Finally, a post on a helpful parenting book.:)
This book makes it to my top five list… practical with good advice dished out in clear, simple terms. A group of my mummy friends are reading this book together and we are all finding it very helpful!

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Little Elliot, Big City

Author : Mike Curato Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. Ages: 4 and up
Author : Mike Curato
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Ages: 3 and up

This is a sweet and endearing book about a very special white polka dot elephant with a big heart. It was little Ms Sunshine’s favourite book over the September holidays. ☺ Everyday she asked for this book to be repeated… ‘Mummy, can you read me Elliot book?’ ☺

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New Release – The New Face at River Safari

Author : Emily Lim Ages : 2 and up
Author : Emily Lim
Ages : 3 and up

An adorable book which is a must get especially for animal lovers! It’s based on our very own Kai Kai and Jia Jia at the River Safari. Who can resist cute, cuddly pandas with their big black eyes?

kkjj 3

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Baby Storytime : Our Favourite Fifteen

readbabyreadBoth Sprinter and Sunshine enjoyed these books from crawlers through toddlerhood. We still read them today! Board books, cloth books, sound books, touch-feely books and sing-along books are best for the very young as they explore books with all their senses from textures to rhythmic awareness. We had a hard time choosing our top 15 but here they are. No surprise, all are familiar all-time favourites 🙂

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