Author : Munro Leaf Publisher : Universe Ages : 5 and up
Author : Munro Leaf
Publisher : Universe
Ages : 5 and up

Yes! I hope they consider it so!
How nice if kids would share and not grab, wait for their turn to speak and always show appreciation to others by saying ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’!

Save your breath of repeating yourself and enjoy this book with your child as the two of you laugh at the funny characters and stories. Books are a fantastic teaching tool because they make learning fun and the kids don’t even know they are learning!

manners 2

The book begins with an easy to relate explanation of why manners are important. Right. It reminds me of a saying in Korean taught in all textbooks to grade students – Man cannot survive alone, we need to get along in a community/society. I tried explaining that to Sprinter… hope he gets it.
manners 3

The stick man illustrations are fun. The pictures are funny. We enjoyed learning about these ‘ugly’ characters and talked about how we wouldn’t want to be like them.

Our favourite is the ‘ME FIRST’ character. I explained to Sprinter that this character saw his arms and legs grow shorter and shorter (Oh no! just like in Pinocchio) everytime he snatched or pushed his way through.

His response “Huh? Why? Really? No, this is not real. Look my arms and legs are long!” I almost fell off my chair! hahaha
manners 5

This book provides a few blank pages at the end of the book to include drawings of “my own manners”. I like that idea! A creative way to get a child thinking about manners and be part of ‘co-authoring’ a book!  Sprinter has yet to fill those pages, we’ll see what his ideas of manners are 😉 Worth investing in a copy and keeping it for your kids. Do share if your kids fill those pages. Enjoy!