boo 3  Title : Belle & Boo ‘Birthday Surprise’

  Author: Mandy Sutcliffe

  Publisher: Hachette Children’s Book

  Age:  3 years +


Possibly the sweetest picture book I know!
Sharing what is my Sunshine’s favourite at the moment. She has a rabbit doll that she named Boo 🙂

boo 1

A sweet, simple and lovely story of a little girl called Belle who loves her little rabbit, Boo.
In the Birthday Surprise book, Belle is getting ready for a surprise birthday celebration for someone special. Boo has no idea whose birthday it is but together they happily bake a cake, make cards and prepare for the party. But oh! Boo floats away in the midst of the preparation thanks to a red balloon!

boo 2

I am so in love with the illustrations. Mandy Sutcliffe, the author is also the illustrator. Her drawings are dear to me because they strongly resemble the drawings of my childhood best friend whose artwork I very much admired. This book has sort of a sweet nostalgic feel for me.

boo 7

In Yummy Scrummy Day, Belle is preparing for a tea party for her friends. Boo wants to eat cake and cookies but Belle gently points out fruits are better for you and they go about picking berries and apples. Boo is not interested in the fruit pudding Belle has made until he takes a sniff~ Yumm…. but oh, how does he change his mind without embarrassing himself?


I could stare at these pictures all day. Such gorgeous drawings really.
Mandy’s illustrations capture simple moments in time and the emotions of childhood. She says she discovered a passion for capturing such moments of childhood while on her university exchange trip to France.

boo 4

Mandy has twin two-year-old boys but these characters in her books are just as real to her.
Mandy says quote ‘you will often hear me talking to one of my illustrated children when I have got them just right, saying “ooohhh you are so cute” or “I love your shoes”. (from somehometruths blog)

If you want to find out more about Belle and Boo, check out their website
They have lovely merchandise too.