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Title : Pete the Cat

Author : Eric Litwin

Publisher : Harper Collins

Age : 2 years +


My children LOVE LOVE LOVE Pete the Cat! Honestly, I have never heard of this cat until the school sent an email saying they’ll be reading and learning from the Pete the Cat series. So I went to check them out at the library and ended up buying a few of the books at the bookstore.

What we love about the book is, it is SO simple! Yes, perfect for the very young ones as well as the Kindergarteners. Each page has a liner or two at most. And often, they repeat (repetition is good for young readers!). But as a mummy, I must confess what I like about the books is there is a lesson to be learnt at the end of each story. A simple, easy to follow book that has an easy to understand message on values…. I can’t ask for more.

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In the book ‘Pete the Cat : I love my white shoes’… Pete puts on his new white shoes which he loves and heads out for a walk. But alas! As the day goes by, he steps into a pile of – first, strawberries, then blueberries, and mud – each time staining his new white shoes with a new colour. Does he cry? Does he whine? “Goodness no!” And he just keeps moving along and singing his song. (My son loves this part… he reads this line with me everytime)

It’s an endearing series – the books’ spirit and charm is definitely infectious.
Check out the song on youtube. Very catchy! You can find it here.
My children were hooked! And they sang the song for a whole week 🙂

Hope your little ones enjoy it too!