paperboy cover Title : The Paperboy

 Author: Dav Pilkey

 Publisher: Scholastic

 Age: 5-10


What a lovely story this is. I fell in love with this book for several reasons when I first read it.

The story follows a young African American boy on his morning routine – he is a paperboy and he has to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to deliver the newspapers.


His dog, a loyal companion and co-worker, keeps him company and the two set out to begin their day. They get dressed, head downstairs, and eat breakfast without waking the rest of the family. “All the world is asleep except for the paperboy and his dog.” the author tells us. “And this is the time when they are the happiest.”

paperboy 4

Ahh… it sure brings back memories of my pre-dawn days… how I’d admire the moon on my way to work and how I thoroughly enjoyed the peaceful morning drive to the station. 3ams are always tough but what it did for me was provide a precious quiet moment at the start of each day to organize my thought for what’s ahead and reflect on whatever else was on my mind. I can totally relate to the paperboy’s ‘happiest’ time. 🙂

The paperboy goes about his day diligently, handling his responsibilities well. Through his actions he conveys not only his sense of duty, but also the joy and satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Don’t you love the message the story carries? The message of ‘hardworking diligence’ is an important one for me. After doing his rounds, the young boy then returns home and crawls back into bed with his dog, falling into a peaceful slumber with a happy heart knowing his work is done.

I asked Sprinter why he liked this story. He had a few simple words for me “Because he finished his job.”

paperboy 5

Author Dav Pilkey won the 1997 Caldecott Honor award for this book. He won recognition for his acrylic paintings in the book.
Here’s a brilliant video of the book narrated by Forest Whitaker. I love the video. I love the background music. And boy, Whitaker sure read this really well! Do watch:)

Happy to hear any comments on what you think of the book 🙂