raindrop Title: The Falling Raindrop

Author : Neil Johnson and Joel Chin

Publisher: Tricycle Press

Age : 4-8


Here’s another great story told through short, simple language but that carries so much meaning. I like the minimalist approach in its illustrations… simple pictures can say a lot.

Excerpt from the dust jacket:

As a storm rumbles and flashes, something wonderful happens up in the clouds: a raindrop begins his journey to earth, thrilled and delighted to be flying. But when flying begins to feel like falling, the raindrop can’t enjoy himself for fear that a big change is coming. After hitting a campfire on the ground, the raindrop begins his journey back to the clouds as a wisp of steam.

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rd 4


A simple story that both children and adults can enjoy.

It does a splendid job introducing the little ones to the water cycle (kids will love follow-up ‘boiling and melting’ kitchen experiment) and carries a message that is a good reminder to us all big people  – Life is short. Life is an adventure. Don’t worry too much and forget to enjoy the ride.
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You can use this book in many different ways.

A friend of mine used this to illustrate to her child about apprehension (often found in children) when things are uncertain or new only to find everything is okay and there’s nothing to fear.

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I love the presentation of the book.

The illustrations are very simple and so cute!

The print is big hence very kid friendly. Paper quality is very good (yes, an important factor!) and it is not on your usual bright white but cream-coloured pages (which adds a touch of elegance in my opinion).

Concept and message carried in this book may be a little too advanced for 4 year olds but it’s a short story and little ones should be able to sit through and enjoy the story. 🙂
I might consider this book for my next story-telling session!