nothing 1 Title: Something from Nothing

 Author : Phoebe Gilman

 Publisher : Scholastic

Age : 4 – 8

There are many versions of this Jewish folktale. We’ve come across three, but this is by far our favourite. Perhaps it is because it comes with a CD that sings the whole book to you. Yes! The book can be sung in a lovely tune just like any nursery rhyme! The text is delightfully repetitive which small children will really enjoy. Amazon puts this book under the 8-12 category… I’m not so sure about that. I think this book is more suited for the age 4 -8 group. Actually, even my 3 year old loves it!


The story is about Joseph and his beloved blanket which grandpa made for him when he was a baby. But as Joseph gets older, so does the blanket. When the blanket wears out, Grandpa saves the day by fashioning it into a smaller item. From blanket to jacket to vest to handkerchief until finally there is nothing left! You can’t make something from nothing mummy says and Joseph comes up with a brilliant idea to ‘use’ the blanket one last time! How? Find out!

nothing 3

Now, there’s another secret I should share with you. You’ll find another story in this book. Look at the bottom. Another story unfolds below as a mice couple who lives below picks up the scraps of cloth that grandpa snips and recycles them for their home! So clever!

nothing 2

This richly illustrated book is a treat and the two charming stories in this book really makes it one of our favourite books. I love the underlying theme of making something new out of something old and putting something to best use. Marvelous story.

This is a GREAT storytelling book. I read to a class of 3 year olds earlier this year and they were captivated. Singing the whole book helped  *wink*