inch 1 Title: Inch by Inch

 Author: Leo Lionni

 Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

 Age: 3 and up


Leo Lionni is one of our favourite authors.  We own quite a number of his books and his books usually get repeated requests from my kids.

Inch by Inch stands out, simply because the audio CD that comes with the book is brilliant. Another one of those books that can be sung into a lovely song. The story is about an inchworm who runs into a Robin that wants to eat him for dinner. But the smart clever inchworm comes up with an idea to get our of harm’s way by agreeing to help Robin measure his tail. Inchworm is great at measuring and soon the impressed Robin calls upon his friends, who also want to be measured. Well, you have to read one to find out if the inchworm manages to escape or get gobbled up.

Inch by Inch is the first book that earned him a Caldecott Honor Book. He has written more than 40 children’s books including favourites Swimmy, Fish is Fish and Little Blue and Little Yellow. He also has quite a number of books featuring mice or alligators. No idea why those are his favourite subjects…

This book is great for Kindergarten classrooms because our young ones are introduced to measurement. Google and you’ll find lots of fun measurement activities you can do at home!

Here’s a video link to the book your kids might enjoy 🙂