carrot 3  Title: The Carrot Seed

  Author : Ruth Krauss

  Publisher : HarperCollins

  Recc. Age : Kindergarten – 2


This book has been around for 60 years! A vintage children’s book. One of my favourites and a must read for children!

carrot 1

This story is about this little boy who has an idea of planting a carrot seed. However, he is told repeatedly by his mother, father, and big brother that the plant won’t grow. Indeed, even after weeding and watering with care everyday, nothing happens. But this boy does not give up. He is not discouraged and he continues to care for his plant everyday… until one day he gets a big surprise!

My boy loves this story. Simple and easy to understand but it’s packed with so many teachable moments. After reading the book, we planted our own seeds and watched them grow over a week. This was fun.

carrot 2

What appeals to me is the simple story line and clean picture presentation that is easy on the eye. The repetitive nature of the words makes it a good early reader too. But best of all is the moral that comes with the story. As Wally Amos puts it…everytime you get an idea, there is a responsibility that will come with your idea. Here’s the thing – if you have confience, if you have faith, and if you do everything YOU can do to help you succeed with your ideas, then you will be a success.

A great idea Wally indeed!

Here’s the link  to his storytelling session with the kids on this book. Enjoy!