harry the dog 3 Title: Harry the Dirty Dog

 Author: Gene Zion

 Publisher: HarperCollins

Age: Kindergarten – 2


Weather has been scorching hot in Singapore! Sometimes I step out of the house and I feellike I am suffocating.’Dog days of summer indeed’ I muttered out loud one day. My son’s response “Dog what Mummy? What did you say? It’s Thursday today, not Dog day.” Hahaha….  I explained.

So, on this very hot day, I thought about introducing books featuring dogs. I only know of one haha. Harry! A really lovable dog. There are a number of books under the Harry series but Harry the Dirty Dog is the first book that was introduced to me when I was little. It’s a delightful and timeless classic and one of the picture books that brings back memories and makes me smile. 🙂  Imagine my excitement when I was about to introduce it to my son a year ago.

harry the dog 5

Kids will love Harry. Harry is a white dog with black spots and in this story he tries to escape his dreaded bath time. So he takes the bath brush, buries it in the backyard and runs away to romp the streets looking for an adventure. And what a time he has, running and playing and getting extremely dirty along the way! Eventually, he becomes a black dog with white spots! Soon, he misses home and returns to his family. But will his family be able to recognize him? Read to find out!

I really love the colourful illustrations of this happy dog. Heavy, dark outlines with clever use of colours. Modern cartoonish style with a clean look if you know what I mean. I’m big on illustrations, and I find myself choosing books sometimes just by looking at the book’s illustration. It is important to me. There’s a reason why they are called picture books!

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Here’s a video link we love to watch when I need to occupy my children in public, especially at restaurants. (Not a good habit, I admit) Read brilliantly by Betty White, you will love it too!