I believe in reading; in the magic of stories.

I believe in books and the power to connect, amuse, empower, inspire, provoke…

I believe every child should be encouraged to discover the wonders of books and explore the world through great stories.

I believe in Seuss, Carle, Lionni, McCloskey, Silverstein, Lewis, Alcott, Austen, Steinbeck, Tolkien (the list goes on…) 

I want to get good books, fun books, twaddle-free books into the hands of children who will love them.

Here begins our reading journey.

I love children’s books, so this site is all about the books my kids and I love. There are a lot of books out there – great books, good books and twaddle books. My kids and I will share books that we like and we think are worth taking time to introduce you to, or remind you of. I personally love classics be they picture books or chapter books. In other words, books that are timeless and have been enjoyed for many generations. There is something in these ‘old’ stories that I seldom find in books today.

I’ve enjoyed carrying my book basket around (though heavy!) just as much as you have loved browsing and borrowing them. I’m hoping with this blog I can share and spread the love of books to even more friends. We never have enough time to go through all the books!

And this blog is not just for me to share. If you or your children would like to share (peer sharing is great!), please do. I’d be more than happy to include your recommendations in my posts.

Thank you for reading and letting me share my passion with you!