I’m Suzanne, a mother of two, former journalist, and book-lover. I love books and I’ve always dreamed of having a library of my own filled with books I love.  It still remains a dream today, but thanks to my two littles, I might just see that happen one day.

I am madly in love with children’s books. I love it, I just love it. There’s something wonderful and enchanting about them. If you’ve not read children’s books lately, revisit them. You’ll enjoy the experience!

I owe it to my kids for reigniting my love for books. They have taken my passion for books to a whole a new level.  There are so many good and wonderful books out there (and not so good ones!), it’s a shame if we don’t enrich our children’s lives with these great stories. Nothing makes me more happy than to see our little ones enthralled by a story or to hear friends tell me how much their kids loved books we recommended.

Let’s keep going.

We’re helping our little beloveds embark on their reading journey.