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July 2015

Stick and Stone

stick 1

  Title : Stick and Stone

 Author : Beth Ferry and Tom Lictenheld (illustrator)

 Publisher : HMH Books

  Age : 4 – 7


A perfect friendship book that rocks! Stick and Stone is a tale of friendship, loaded with emotion and adventure, cleverly told in perfect rhyme. I highly recommend this book. Kids will love it!

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[Timmy & Tammy Discover] Lee Kuan Yew

hwee Title : Timmy & Tammy Discover LEE KUAN YEW  

 Author: Hwee Goh  

 Publisher: Armour Publishing  

 Age: 4-12


Just released!

When I first handed the books over to my kids and their cousins, they grabbed it from me and shouted “Lee Kuan Yew”. And even before I could say a word, they settled themselves down on the sofa and started reading the book. All quiet, engrossed in their copy. Wow…

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Something from Nothing

nothing 1 Title: Something from Nothing

 Author : Phoebe Gilman

 Publisher : Scholastic

Age : 4 – 8

There are many versions of this Jewish folktale. We’ve come across three, but this is by far our favourite. Perhaps it is because it comes with a CD that sings the whole book to you. Yes! The book can be sung in a lovely tune just like any nursery rhyme! The text is delightfully repetitive which small children will really enjoy. Amazon puts this book under the 8-12 category… I’m not so sure about that. I think this book is more suited for the age 4 -8 group. Actually, even my 3 year old loves it! Continue reading “Something from Nothing”

Inch by Inch

inch 1 Title: Inch by Inch

 Author: Leo Lionni

 Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

 Age: 3 and up


Leo Lionni is one of our favourite authors.  We own quite a number of his books and his books usually get repeated requests from my kids. Continue reading “Inch by Inch”

Billy and Blaze

Billy 1

 Title: Billy and Blaze

  Author: C. W. Anderson

 Publisher: Aladdin

 Age: 5-10


I love this series. It’s a beautiful series. It’s a classic.

Billy and Blaze was originally published in 1936, written and illustrated by the very talented C.W.Anderson. Anderson wrote 11 books in this series I believe, Aladdin publishes eight of them as a set. The title Billy and Blaze is the first book that introduces you to how Billy and Blaze became good friends. Do you know that The Billy and Blaze stories are based on true stories or people that the author knew… only the plots were fictitious.

billy 4

Beautiful story aside, the illustrations are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! The illustrations alone make these stories classic children’s literature! I could just stare at the drawings all day. It’s hard to find a book these days where it’s completely black and white pencil illustrations… in fact I’m pretty sure nobody really does that anymore. These are just exquisite… it’s amazing how talented this guy really is. You can see why this book has special place on my bookshelf 🙂

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Read and Reflect

Read and Reflect. I decided to add this category since I read a lot of parenting books. Some helpful, some not. Of course, all very subjective… anyway I thought I’d share quick thoughts on some of the good books I’ve read. (note: good. I’d rather recommend those that helped me than write about those that didn’t. Again, you see it can be very subjective…) This category won’t be updated as often as the above obviously… only when I have ‘spare’ time.


Boundaries with Kids

Books to Look Out for

Books to Look Out for will feature latest releases or titles that will be out soon. I get excited over such news haha. I’ll also include posts of author interviews that I come across because it’s always interesting to understand the brains and minds behind these stories. So keep a lookout 🙂

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Books to Grow On

Books to Grow On will feature books suited for children in the age 5-12 group. Be they picture books or chapter books, I am drawn to books that can feed their minds and are meaningful reads. (If you know any, please let us know!) We’ll share what we like with you. But be informed… most of my posts will be ‘picture book heavy’… just because my kids are still young. We’ll try to include more chapter books when we can and will ask mummy friends with older kids for recommendations too. 🙂 Continue reading “Books to Grow On”

Books to Cuddle With

Books to Cuddle With will feature books we love that are suited for children in the age 2-6 group. Of course, nothing is set in stone. There’s no reason why a 7 or 8 year old cannot enjoy the same picture books as their younger siblings. Honestly, there are so many brilliant picture books out there, even adults should give it a read once. Continue reading “Books to Cuddle With”

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