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Books on Growth Mindset

Do you have a story or two your parents shared with you or wise advice they gave you that stuck with you through the years? I know a number of stories and phrases I’ve heard them say which still ring in my ears and those lessons have been very powerful in shaping my values and perspective in my growing years.

I know I’ll be teaching my children many many things, giving countless advices and sharing loads of wisdom over their lifetime, but if there’s one that I hope they will retain and hold on to is having a growth-oriented view aka growth mindset. I never knew this term ‘growth mindset’ until I ‘met’ Carol Dweck but now I can put a name to this mindset/thinking/perspective that my dear mother has always been preaching. Yes, it is one of those lessons deeply impressed onto my heart which proved to be very helpful and useful over the years.

One easy way to encourage growth mindset is through engaging, purposeful read-alouds.

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Mercy Watson… our current choice

Ms Sunshine has just begun to read. She has been learning phonics and blending for more than a year now and something clicked in her one sudden sunny summer day…  everything just came together! She started to read her readers pretty fluently!

While we pick up a reader to practise her reading from time to time, I decided to ‘promote’ her to chapter books for our reading time as well. So when we were in the states recently, we popped by Barnes and Nobles and bought our first chapter book ‘Ivy and Bean’ :). She was excited and couldn’t wait to get started when we are back in Singapore.

One morning, back on our sunny island, we took out the book for our together reads. I was just as excited as she was. I read and read and read. She listened and listened… not a word from her. I read five chapters in one sitting and I was getting a little tired. So I stopped and suggested we read another day. No comments from her.

Finding and choosing the right books for your child.

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Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

Every once in a while, you come across a special book that moves you and leaves a really deep impression on you. This is one of them. 🙂

Sprinter and I took about two months to finish reading this book (with holiday disruptions and all) and oh it was so worth it.

I love the rats of Nimh! I never ever thought I would ever have a liking for these creatures, but I was rooting for the rats all the way once I got introduced to them haha

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book would highly recommend this book to anyone. The story flows beautifully albeit a little slow at first – it takes time to set the scene and develop the characters – but once the rats come into the picture, things start to get really interesting. You will love every one of the characters Robert O’ Brien created and they all hit the right notes. There’s a bit of a sci-fi element which caught me by surprise (simply cuz I wasn’t expecting it) but it really adds a fascinating dimension to the whole plot, I loved it! Hard to imagine this book was written in 1972.

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Books that embrace Individuality

20161216_075849Our little ones are unique. They know that and they embrace it without even being fully aware of it. But as the school-age years approaches, they become more socially involved and begin to see or are aware of people’s thoughts and wants. They start to feel a sense of belonging.

This need and want to be part of a group can be quite tricky. We want to be liked by the people around us and we want to fit into the puzzle. That’s fine. But at the same time it might do good if we as parents can assure them and help them learn to embrace differences and celebrate individuality. Continue reading “Books that embrace Individuality”

Christmas Storytime


There are so many Christmas books out there and here’s 8 of them that we are enjoying this season. Some are heartwarming, some are silly… either way they are great stories to keep your kids entertained all day! 🙂

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Toddler Storytime

This is for my friends with toddlers 🙂

We’ve put together some of our favourite books that hold special memories for us. We’ve read them, we’ve sang them, we’ve acted them out… these are books that get the most repeats and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them. Some are Sprinter’s favourites, some are Sunshine’s favourites… and a couple are everybody’s favourite. 🙂
We hope you’ll enjoy them as well and create a whole host of precious memories with your little ones 🙂20160912_130916 Continue reading “Toddler Storytime”

Flicka, Ricka, Dicka & Snipp, Snapp, Snurr


I love the fun sound of their names! “Oldies but goodies” a librarian told us so we went searching for the triplets and borrowed all the Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and Snipp, Snapp, Snurr books we could find.


Snipp, Snapp, Snurr series is about three charming Swedish boys (triplets… so fun!) who find themselves in gentle and wonderful adventures. You get quaint illustrations in these books – there’s something sweet and nostalgic about them. Every flip of the book opens up to an attractive spread of delightfully coloured picture (with captions at the bottom!) on one page and large easy-to-read font text on another. The stories are short and engaging… entirely suitable for readers who are just about to transition to short chapter books.

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‘Transition’ Readers

We’ve been doing leveled readers for a while now and the next step would be to tackle easy chapter books. But I get really confused when I see recommendations for ‘early chapter readers’, ‘beginner chapter books’, ‘first chapter books’ etc. Popular titles under these categories are books such as Mercy Watson or The Magic Tree House series. Honestly, I feel the jump from readers to these early chapter books is a big one. I felt we needed a slower transition. So I began looking for what I’d call ‘transition books’.

Some kids are ready to move on from picture books and can plunge right into Nate The Great or Ivy and Bean. Some need a bit more time and confidence boost. How do you tell? I look at my child’s general reaction when I hand him a chapter book.

So here are the in-betweens we went for. In general, mini-chapter books (you know, the ones with short 4 or 5 chapters) that are fun and just about the right length so they don’t find it dreary.

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Summer Bingo!

We’re making our summer reading list and I am really looking forward to our summer plans this year because we’ll be away for quite a while and will be experiencing something new as a family. I’ve also planned something fun and different in store for Sprinter for his summer reads… to help him grow as an independent reader. Reading has always been ‘Mummy read alouds’ but now that he can tackle easy readers, why not assign some reading to him for a change? 😉

read cartoon

It’s really important that kids read when school is out so that they continue to build on their reading skills and prevent a ‘summer’ slide, especially for early readers like Sprinter. In my opinion, reading isn’t quite an effortless natural activity to them yet. Hence, they need to put their reading/coding-decoding of the alphabets/blending skills into practise… and it’s really important to make it into a fun and exciting challenge too! So we decided to go with a Summer Book Bingo challenge 🙂

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